Galaxy Chronicle

"Oh?"? What is the reason for your decision? Prince Majilai did not seem to be angry or even surprised.

"Oh?"? What is the reason for your decision? Prince Majilai did not seem to be angry or even surprised. Reason, speaking of reason, Luo seems to hesitate, he does not know how to state his reasons, is it because of his love for Fan Jianyan? My father would have scoffed at this. In the world of His Royal Highness, there is no love without reason. Lowe could have expected that when he confessed his feelings, his father would oppose and obstruct him even more fiercely. In that case, I should never see the cub again. No! Luo searched all the things in his mind that could be a reason, but he was exhausted. He knew that everything except his feelings was so powerless and ridiculous, but now he still wanted to resist it. The exchange of derivative rings will attract the attention of others. Luo finally spoke dryly. Poof! "Prince Majilai sneered and spread out Rhea's ring in his hand in front of Luo." My child, I don't care enough about Rhea. I chose a similar ring when I became DANA. " Luo stared at the ring in the hand of His Royal Highness, which was indeed almost the same as his own. But is it really the same? Luo's own ring was earned entirely by himself as an adult, and DANA's JT was worth a lot of money,alloy die casting, so the process of earning it was very hard. In Luo's heart, there is a real idea that he can keep the ring earned entirely by himself to the person he loves, which has nothing to do with his family, his life experience, but his personal,metal stamping parts, pure feelings and self. "Enough!" Suddenly, Rhea, who was waiting beside her, cried. "No ceremony, that's all." "Child, you don't have to.." Lady Herbertha rose to comfort her daughter. It seems that it was indeed my negligence. His Royal Highness looked distressed and raised his forehead with his hand. "Such a simple ceremony is unfair to Miss Rhea. I think it may need to be more solemn. Why don't you report it to the public media of the Angsu League tomorrow?" "This..". Is that okay ?” Lady Herbertha looked at the prince doubtfully. I said yes, no problem. "His Royal Highness did not relax his gaze at Luo at all." What do you think? Son What do I think? Luo knew that his father was playing a psychological gamble with him. If he acquiesced in this practice, the result would be self-evident that both sides would lose. His father's plan to get close to the cub would of course go down the drain, and it was obvious that he could no longer get Fan Jianyan's understanding. No, Investment casting parts ,deep draw stamping, that's not true. The father's desire to get close to the cub should be just one way, the purpose of which Luo does not know now, but he can guess that the father must have planned more than one way to achieve this goal. But the idea that he wants to be with Fan Jianyan is a real wish, and it is the purpose that he sincerely expects. Therefore The loser of a gamble is still himself. 。 Luo silently took off the derivative ring on his hand, handed it to Prince Majilai, picked up Rhea's ring and brought it to his hand, and then looked at his father without saying a word. All right, you can leave. His Royal Highness is obviously extremely satisfied with this victory. ...... Luo ran back to the room, slapped the door heavily, took off the ring he had just worn, threw it hard to the ground, and then fell on his head on the bed. How ridiculous! Just now, a ridiculous and humiliating ceremony transformed him into a married man. Married! Luo did not know what kind of mentality and way to face Fan Jianyan next. Things never turned out the way he had expected, and Lo was in great pain. Interlocked with each other There are still six days to go before the DANA test. Fan Jianyan has a subtle feeling that Ronan Lindao looks a little abnormal in the last two days. This is a woman's natural intuition, just like the near-ground radar automatically scans all objects close to it. Xiao Fan feels that Ronan's eyes are getting hotter and hotter on her body recently. During the rest period, Fan Jianyan looked left and right at the shining surface of JT in training and sighed: "Is it difficult to start developing recently?" "Poof," Luo Nanlindao listens to this word, be shocked to spray water all over the ground: "You.. What do you think is different about your body? ?” "No, it's all good." The cub patted his chest innocently. "Actually, what I'm thinking is, is there something wrong with Teacher Ronan?" “... What's the problem? 。” Ronan Lindao's tongue was a little out of control. Since you have no problem and I have no problem, please explain why you are always watching me in the dark. Fan Jianyan asked with a smile. Can Maybe it's too much concern. "Ronan Lindao whispered in a hurry." "First you reject Saini, and then you care too much about me," the cub said intoxicatedly. "It's easy for me to flatter myself." On the stage of Zhuo Erjin, Ronan raised his forehead and sighed that the cub had never misjudged her market. If this is self-sentimental words, then oneself is not all day long YY's sex/love maniac. What's going on? Am I right? Fan Jianyan shouted in an exaggerated way, "Elder Martial Brother, this makes me feel embarrassed.". "Well, if I think about having a facelift to remove that scar, I'll consider the possibility of being with you." Scar.. It's in the way ?” Ronan Lindao was dizzy and completely unable to grasp the key. Get in the way! How can you go into a new relationship with the mark of another woman? Fan Jianyan suddenly patted Ronan on the arm with a straight face. "Tell me the truth. What did Seni say to you that day?"? Did I play you again? "嗄 ? " Ronan can't keep up with the cub's jumping mind. Well, do you want to know the situation of Lu Lu Shan Yin through you? Fan Jianyan commented disconsolately: "It is reasonable to say that in terms of family background and appearance,die casting parts, Elder Martial Brother, you are no worse than that dead pirate.". It's just a little less aura, the kind of aura that has the fatal attraction of sex. "Aura.." Ronan smiled bitterly. He was really the kind of constitution that lacked attraction.