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The powerful force was shining in the inner flow of brilliance, like the rolling Yangtze River and the surging river, which made him feel as if he had endless energy.

The powerful force was shining in the inner flow of brilliance, like the rolling Yangtze River and the surging river, which made him feel as if he had endless energy. This was not the end of everything, and the surging force continued to flow through his veins, never stopping for the next three days and three nights, as if it was tempering his physical body, making it clearly feel a radical change. In the end, every inch of his skin was like bronze jade, full of explosive terror, and his physique was much better than before. When everything returned to calm, Xiao Chen was surprised to find that he had been promoted to the peak of the Eight Heavens, only a thin line away from the Nine Heavens, and it seemed that he could break through at any time. This is really a surprise beyond expectation. You should know that the more difficult it is to practice, the more difficult it is to practice. It is very rare to make a breakthrough like this. Xiao Chen clearly knew that all this was due to the further improvement of his practice on the Dragon Island, in order to achieve such a breakthrough. This made him even more determined that the formula he practiced was fundamental and would never change. If it is combined with other skills, it will be condensed into a form of Sanshou,metal stamping parts, which will be formalized rather than introduced into the source. As for the immortal wings, this is the use of skills, rather than the change of the original method. This time the transformation of Xiao Chen's surprise is still behind, when the endless powerful force has just stabilized, his back came bursts of hot air waves, purple glow flashing,deep draw stamping, the room is full of purple mist in the wind, misty, shining. The power of the peak of the Eight Heavens, which had just stabilized and calmed down, rioted again, all rushing to the "flying points" on his back. In the staggered sound of bones, Xiao Chen's body trembled repeatedly, and dense beads of sweat appeared on his body surface. Finally, his body seemed to be wet with water, and he was sweating all over. Accompanied by the crisp sound of the last series of joints, Xiao Chen's body trembled repeatedly, socket screw plug ,titanium machining parts, and then there was a rumbling sound in his heart. He felt as if he had flown into the clouds in an instant. He knew that this time the immortal wings must have been completed! Www.xiaoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 132 is too extravagant! Purple glow burst out in an instant, immortal wings stretched out from behind Xiao Chen, purple wings glittering like jade, almost transparent, but contains a powerful force, this is not only the wings that can fly to the sky and escape from the earth. Or a terrible weapon, far from the immortal wings of the five heavens of Yan Qingcheng. The immortal wing of the peak of the Eight Heavens has become a very terrible and powerful weapon, the top of the earth's magic weapon blade. Of course, this is completely quantifiable and can be released at will. Brush Spread God's wings lightly. Xiao Chen came to the courtyard like a purple lightning. Then it seemed to turn into a purple light and escape into the mountain forest ahead. Left back and back in the air. Everything is so perfect, immortal Tianyi Xiucheng let Xiao Chen speed up to an unimaginable situation, from then on the boundless sky. Fighting with people is no longer confined to the ground, it can be said that there are wings in the body. Spellmasters and spiritualists who can fight in the air have no advantage over him, and he will become the nemesis of those people. Standing beside the well, carrying a barrel to wash his body over and over again, there is no doubt that Xiao Chen's mood is happy. The food in the room had already cooled, and Xiao Chen had not gone out for three days. The people in the kitchen came and went several times without disturbing him. Just put the food down quietly. Perhaps this is the unwritten rule in the school of cultivation. Although he was eating cold rice, Xiao Chen felt that he was enjoying a good product. This is from the spiritual satisfaction, half a year of hard work has finally been harvested, this stage of practice can be described as a complete success. The three skeletons seemed to sense his joy. Came in from the other room, his jaw clicking. He seemed to congratulate him. I haven't seen the snow-white beast and the stubborn dragon for a long time. Xiao Chen walked briskly towards the back hill. Yan Qingcheng is sitting quietly in a field of fragrant grass. A hazy mist hung around her, and the gentle song of birds swirled among the flowers and trees nearby. Everything is so peaceful. The peerless beauty blends into the most beautiful realm, which is really a vivid and harmonious picture. Xiao Chen watched quietly for a while. He did not break the beautiful painting and continued to walk through the area. Until he was far away, Yan Qingcheng opened a pair of beautiful eyes. Then he looked at it and closed it again. Through an area of waterfalls and flowing springs. In front came the sound of the wind surging when fighting, and as expected, the little stubborn dragon fought fiercely near the dragon's lair. Xiao Chen was surprised to find that its speed seemed to have improved again, and its fighting skills were more abundant. But most of the time it seems to be using brute force. After a long time of understanding. Xiao Chen already knows. It's not that the little stubborn dragon is reckless. Rather, it seems to be deliberately attacking the strong with the weak. It seems that they want to exercise themselves desperately, not hesitate to get serious injuries every time, it seems that they want to stimulate the potential hidden in the dragon clan. As for combat skills. It seems to have a remarkable talent, although it is not often used. But it's getting better and better. And it seems to be true as the pterodactyl couple said. Master some legendary ancient fighting skills of the Dragon Clan. Because every time its way of fighting is very abstruse and brilliant. Now. Is accompanying the small stubborn dragon to fight is the small pterosaur's father, he incarnates the human body to be practicing personally with it, certainly the hand is very measured. Hit every inch of the little stubborn dragon's body with the right force. Long yuanli is constantly penetrating and advancing, which has made the scales of the little black dragon permeate with traces of blood. Although he was seriously injured. But it's not enough to worry about your life. The little stubborn dragon seemed to be very satisfied with fighting like this. Make a series of actions that Xiao Chen has never seen before. It leaves a trail of shadows in the place of battle, and the way of fighting is strange but effective. Although it's impossible to hurt the father of the little pterosaur. But it also showed remarkable fighting skills. Xiao Chen saw some doorways, is really very suitable for the fighting skills of the dragon clan, the little stubborn dragon seems to be in return for the pterosaur couple these days to personally accompany him to fight,Stainless steel foundry, although this little guy is cool, but the heart is very transparent, what to do and what not to do have their own ideas.