Wolong gives birth to a hero of Shenzhou

"Lady Wang looked at the bride for a moment and then said slowly," What's your last name? "My daughter-in-law's surname is Jin," said the bride. "What's the name?" Asked Lady Wang.

"Lady Wang looked at the bride for a moment and then said slowly," What's your last name? "My daughter-in-law's surname is Jin," said the bride. "What's the name?" Asked Lady Wang. The bride stood up and said, "Mother!"! The daughter-in-law's name is Yuxian. "That's a good name, Jin Yuxian," said Lady Wang. "Are your parents here?" Jin Yuxian shook her head and said, "My daughter-in-law has a hard life. Her parents have both passed away. My daughter-in-law grew up with my grandmother." Lady Wang nodded sadly and said, "I lost my parents when I was young, and I have no one to take care of me. It's really hard for you, my child." "My daughter-in-law is lucky," said Jin Yuxian. After that, you should do your filial piety and serve your mother-in-law. Lady Wang was obviously overjoyed. "I've heard that Yizhong bullied you," she said with a smile. Jin Yuxian glanced up at Wang Yizhong and said, "My mother-in-law is a wise judge. The officials are very kind to me." Lady Wang sighed softly and said, "My child, you are very virtuous. I heard that Yizhong has locked you up. I wonder if there is such a thing." Jin Yuxian smiled sadly and said, "Mother!"! That's not Yizhong's idea. Lady Wang glanced back at Wang Yizhong and said, "Tell me, whose idea was that? The bride had just passed the door and started guarding it. Why?" Wang Yizhong laughed and said, "Mother!"! At present, the Heaven and Man Gang is fighting with the Golden Sword Gate. The Jade Immortal comes too suddenly. The child has to be careful. "With a sneer, Lady Wang said,precision welded tubes," You've got a high court and a big marriage, but you've decided without authorization and you don't tell your mother about it. Do you still put your mother in your eyes? " With a shock in his heart, Wang Yizhong knelt down and said, "I dare not." Jin Yuxian knelt down and said, "Mother!"! You can't blame him. He has a great responsibility, and if he makes a mistake, he should be careful about how to explain it to others. Lady Wang stretched out her hand and picked up Jin Yuxian. "Get up, my child," she said. "You've had enough of this. As a mother,Precision steel tubes, if I don't do you justice, how can you live in the future?" Jin Yuxian shed tears and said, "Mother!"! The daughter-in-law had told the officer that he was a hero and a chivalrous man, and his ambition was in Jianghu. Daughter-in-law as long as long with mother-in-law side, dawn and dusk knock, wait on mother-in-law. His daughter-in-law dared not ask more about him. With a deep sigh, Lady Wang said, "My child, you are too kind.". But the Wangs have their own family rules, and I have to take care of some things. Jin Yuxian raised her sleeve to wipe away the tears from her face and said, "Mother!"! You can't be too hard on him. If you want to be angry, your daughter-in-law is willing to suffer on behalf of the officials. Lady Wang looked back at Wang Yizhong and said, "What do you suspect about her?" "I suspect she's a member of the Heaven and Man Gang," said Wang Yizhong. "" And now? "Said Lady Wang. "There is no suspicion," said Wang Yizhong. "In that case, Precision Welded pipes ,side impact door beams," said Lady Wang, "you must treat her well in the future." "Yes, sir," said Wang Yizhong. Jin Yuxian took two steps slowly and reached out to help Wang Yizhong. But without Lady Wang's order, Wang Yizhong did not dare to stand up. "Get up," said Lady Wang. "For the sake of the Jade Immortal, I'll spare you a punishment." "Thank you very much for your kindness," said Wang Yizhong. Jin Yuxian moved a chair and put it behind Wang Yizhong, but she retreated to Lady Wang's side. Wang Yi-chung took his seat and said, Mother! The situation is very tense these days. The Heaven and Man Sect Leader has appeared nearby, and the help from the Golden Sword Gate has arrived. The child will be busy for a while. I'm afraid he can't pay his respects to his mother at dawn and dusk. Lady Wang nodded and said, "Since I've promised you to enter Jianghu, naturally I can't care too much about you. What's the situation now?" Wang Yizhong said, "I can't tell you the reason for the present situation. It seems that the leader of the Heaven and Man Sect has led many of his subordinates here." "Have you seen the Heavenly Master?" Lady Wang asked. "I haven't seen it," said Wang Yizhong. Lady Wang snorted coldly and said, "So many of you are looking for a Heavenly Sect Leader, but can't you find one?" Wang Yizhong said, "The Heaven and Man Gang is elusive. Last night, the boy fought with them once.". ” Lady Wang frowned. "Did you have a fight?" She asked. "Yes, the boy had a fight with them," said Wang Yizhong. "There was a fight," said Lady Wang. "The boy killed the four of them," said Wang Yizhong. "Is the Heavenly Sect Leader there, too?" Asked Lady Wang. "Yes," said Wang Yizhong! But he hid behind an idol. The child did not see him, but I heard his voice. Lady Wang sighed softly, "Is that a man or a woman?" "Mother," said Wang Yizhong! Tianren Gang is full of mystery, and the leader of Tianren Gang makes it impossible to tell whether he is a man or a woman. "You've grown so big," said Lady Wang, "you can't even tell a man from a woman." "That's a very strange sound," said Wang Yizhong. "I've never heard such a sound before." "You're so stupid," said Lady Wang. Not daring to talk back, Wang Yizhong bowed and said, "The boy is a bit stupid." He looked at Jin Yuxian in the dark. With a gentle smile on her face, Jin Yuxian stood behind Lady Wang. She did not seem to be listening attentively. It seemed that these things could not arouse her concern at all. Lady Wang suddenly stood up and said, "You're very busy, aren't you?" "Yes," said Wang Yizhong. The child is very busy, the backup in the Golden Sword Gate has arrived, the child is preparing to talk with them about the Heaven and Man Gang. "All right," said Lady Wang! You go to work. Wang Yizhong stood up, saluted respectfully, and retreated. Seeing Wang Yizhong's back disappear, Jin Yuxian sighed softly and said, "Mother!"! He's going to fight with someone? Lady Wang nodded and said, "Yes.". Son, things in Jianghu are all about slashing and killing. Alas! I shouldn't have agreed to let him go into Jianghu. "Mother!" Said Jin Yuxian! Now Lady Wang shook her head and said, "It's late now.". I have promised him, and I can't change it. "Mother!" Said Jin Yuxian! Isn't it too dangerous for you to have only one son? Lady Wang smiled sadly and said,aluminium coated steel tube, "Yes, I only have this son, but now it seems that he is not mine. He is the master of the Golden Sword Gate. How can I stop him?" 。 cbiesautomotive.com