Huanzhu Landlord _ Liuhu Xiayin

You don't have to. In the future, if you have achieved success, you will be able to fly like us. You can fly thousands of miles in an instant.

You don't have to. In the future, if you have achieved success, you will be able to fly like us. You can fly thousands of miles in an instant. No matter how far you are, it will not be difficult for you. It will be easy to meet. Except for the venison, which was sent by a friend nearby, the rest of the food, preserved fruit and wine, was already rare to eat, and there were many of them. We don't touch the fireworks easily. This is your master's treat for Shibo Zhu. It's just when someone brings it. It's useless to keep it. You can take it back and eat it with your mother. Lu Hsiao had long felt that the wine and food were all the delicacies he had tasted for the first time, and when he heard that they were just what he wanted, he thanked him repeatedly. Remembering that there was a lack of salt in the cave, I wanted to ask for help several times, because I often heard the fairy woman say that the rules of the master she worshipped in the future were quite strict, and that she could not be more casual than herself. I always kept it in mind for fear that the teacher would take it amiss and hesitate to speak. Later, it was Aunt Lei who asked what she wanted to know, but before she could answer, Tao said, "Behind the Yellow Ear Cliff, there is a lot of stone salt, and the taste is even more delicious.". The rest of the wine and food is also in the hole below. After we leave, you go and get it yourself. "Then he was led by Gu Mang to the back of the cliff and dug up some salt to go back." Lu Xiao was overjoyed. When Zhu Qingying saw that he still dared not chew heartily, he smiled at Lei and Tao: "I only say that this son is inherited from his father, and his rough nature is inevitable. He is so intelligent and careful. I think it is the work of Lei Daoyou's enlightenment." Auntie Lei said with a smile, "But this son is Nei Xiu.". "The elder is wiser than he, but unfortunately the root of the evil is not exhausted, and his heart is not good. Although his father wants to save it, he is afraid that he will not be able to do so." Lu Hsiao did not know why the fairy woman hated her brother, but when she heard this, she was very worried. Tao Kui suddenly way: "We should go." The three of them immediately stood up, and Aunt Lei first said to the people below, "Gu Mang, you should be good at protecting the little master from now on. Don't hurt people willfully. Otherwise, Tao Zhenren is not as easy to talk to as I am. If he breaks the rules, it will be difficult for him to live." Say that finish, a flash of brilliance, three people fly through the air, out of sight. Lu Xiao looked down at Gu Mang, and as soon as he arrived, he crouched at the foot of the cliff without lifting his head until the three of them flew away and began to stand up and roar in a low voice. Just as Lu Hsiao was about to fall, Gu Mang flew into the cliff cave. Lu Hsiao followed him and saw that the cave was very shallow, with only a stone room on the right side, a stone couch inside, and a lot of food piled on it, as well as a big gourd more than two feet long, good wine, and two empty rattan bags. He put all the wine and food into his pocket and hung it across his back. Came out to see the front of the stone wall in the middle of a circle, the stone color is different, just walked over to see, suddenly heard Gu Mang roar, rushed over, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,side impact beams, bite clothes, not near. In the heart indissoluble, still go forward, unexpectedly exert oneself to do sth a little fiercely, tear unexpectedly hind clothes. Turn round to drink to ask: "Gu Mang bites my dress to do what?" Gu Mang had rushed to the front and turned back to stop him, but Lu Xiao was squeezed out of the hole. When Lu Hsiao saw that a large piece of his clothes had been torn, he was afraid to go back and be blamed. Gu Mang suddenly opened his mouth in the cave, spewing out a stream of fire smoke and shooting at the wall. Then he saw a piece of blue clouds passing by, and the door of the cave disappeared and turned into a whole stone wall. Only then did he know that Zhongzang was forbidden, and Gu Mang was afraid that he would be in danger, so he shut himself up inside the cliff, so he stopped it and no longer blamed it. Laughing, "Do you know where the rock salt is produced?" Gu Mang nodded and crouched, and Lu Xiaogang went up to the back of the beast and flew up. After crossing the cliff, I fell down and saw that it was a large basin covered with rock salt. Lu Xiaozheng grabbed it with his hands, but Gu Mang had already grabbed two big pieces with his front paws. Lu Hsiao put it into a rattan pocket, took a few small pieces, and then rode with him. Seeing that the sky was already at noon, he was afraid that his mother and brother would be in suspense and urged him to fly quickly. This is not very far apart, Gu Mang fly, but for most of the flying around the past, not by the former poison Jiao latent over the solitary peak, a lot of distance. Lu Hsiao didn't care either. When he got to the front, he asked him why he had gone around. After a while, he saw that the cliff where he lived was already flying close. Looking ahead, his mother was standing on the cliff. She seemed to see her flying from the clouds, but she didn't see herself riding on it. She thought she was a monster and was frightened to flee to the cave. Lu Hsiao hurriedly called his mother in a loud voice and roared again. When Lu Jin heard the sound and looked back, Gu Mang had already flown down to the side of the cliff. He saw that his son had ridden the mythical beast and flew back. He couldn't help but be surprised and happy, and turned around to welcome him. Lu Hsiao had swooped forward, hugged his legs, and his fingers were laughing and jumping with joy. He asked his brother where he was going. Lu Jin just listened to the words, and before he could answer, Gu Mang lowered his head, took off the rattan bag on his back, and then turned around and flew away. When Lu Jin saw that Gu Mang was so powerful, he was willing to let his beloved son ride and fly. Later, he came to live with him. From this, the mythical beast guarded him. Hugh said that when the evil uncle came, how powerful the tiger and wolf were, it was not enough to worry about. Therefore, can not help but more firm to the heart of the way, one heart only hope to meet the fate of immortals, good to cultivate. "Your brother has gone to look for you," he said to Lu Hsiao. "Unexpectedly, the Immortal Master has given you so many good things. It's a pity that Gu Mang has already left. Otherwise he would be even happier." Lu Hsiao replied, "The fairy woman said that she would never leave in the future. Ten days later, she would come to pick me up. I will see her again.". These things are delicious. I'm going to find my brother. "Good boy," said Lu Jin, "listen to me. Your brother is very competitive. I don't know why the fairy doesn't like him. Every time your brother mentions it to me, he's so angry and resentful that he wants to cry. When you see him when you are young, don't say that the fairy gave it to you. Otherwise, he won't eat it. Lu Hsiao-fang replied, "It was originally given to the master to eat, but the master couldn't finish it,stainless steel tube 304, so he gave it all to me." Do not hate to suddenly walk from the stone corridor on the side of the cave. When they met, they asked, "Where is Gu Mang?" Lu Xiaozhong talked about the past.