The priest of God

Even Ye Huo, a priest, has not had much contact with necromancers, because in the past there was no necromancer or necromancer in the game, they existed as a monster in the abyss.

Even Ye Huo, a priest, has not had much contact with necromancers, because in the past there was no necromancer or necromancer in the game, they existed as a monster in the abyss. But it is undeniable that every dead spirit is a powerful existence. In fact, the Necromancer should not have appeared so early, but today Saya is in a bad mood, the five chapters of the day have all been deleted, and the city of Yek was originally another route. But now Saya has changed the position of this part of Yek City with the part of the dead behind it, but it doesn't affect anything.


Works related to Chapter 91 Podolo Updated: June 18, 2010 21:56:05 Words in this Chapter: 2561 The dragon crystal staff was thrown into the autumn water ring, and Ye Huo took out the staff of life. Because Ye Huo knew that in the face of the necromancers, the Dragon Crystal Staff had no effect. Necromancer these guys, the usual spell for them is really very small damage, and Ye Huo felt that only by the dragon crystal staff in the seal of those spells, let alone deal with the necromancer,38 needle valve, is to encounter a seventh-order of any profession, he is estimated to die very miserably. To deal with the dead, it is better to use your own divine power. Although the divine power is far less thorough against the dead than against the undead, it is absolutely countless times better than the general magic. Mr. Necro, I don't understand why you left the abyss to attack humans, but I know it's wrong for you to do so. Ye Huo's tone was very calm,14 tube fitting, and what he wanted to do at this time was to quickly draw this guy out. Ye Huo understood that he should be standing in the death curtain of the necromancer at this time, so he could not get in touch with his teammates at all, and the loss of perception of the death curtain was only the first step, and the next step was what Ye Huo feared most. A person is covered by the curtain of death, if you can keep calm, like Ye Huo, then the curtain of death is at most a kind of camouflage for this person. But once the person develops fear, he will soon be lost in the sky of death, at which time the lost guy will become a puppet of the necromancer. Necromancers can manipulate puppets in the Death Curtain to attack other party members. This result is obviously not what Ye Huo wants, because any lost teammate may kill Ye Huo from behind. It seems that you are not going to come out and talk about it, are you? Ye Huo saw that the necromancer had no intention of talking to himself, so he had no choice but to use the dispelling technique! The light of dispelling is like a guiding light at this time, brass tube fitting ,stainless steel needle valve, so that Ye Huo, who is in the sky of death, can see everything clearly. Although the effect of dispelling is very good, but the curtain of death is too big, Ye Huo knows that even if his body's sacred power is exhausted, I am afraid it is impossible to completely dispel this spell, so all he has to do is find the necromancer hiding somewhere! "You are very interesting. Are you a wizard of the Holy Light?" After searching hard for a long time, Ye Huo finally found Podolo, a very elegant necromancer leaning against the side of the wall. .. "Lord Necromancer, although I don't know why you left the abyss, there is no hatred between humans and the Necromancers. On the contrary, we have a common enemy!" Ye Huo slowly approached the necromancer. If you don't want your friends to kill each other right now, then you should stop. Podolo snapped his fingers and said to Ye Huo. And the tone of his voice is not like to decide the life and death of a group of people, as if old friends meet and ask you what you ate. Ye Huo stopped very obediently. He didn't want to provoke a necromancer too much. After all, he was in the sky of his death at this time. If this guy commanded those who were under control to attack him, who would he go to reason with? Mr. Necromancer, I am Ye Huo. May I have the honor to know your name? "Podolo!" The necromancer was obviously very satisfied with his name, because Ye Huo saw the corners of his mouth rise slightly when he said his name. "Sir Podolo, why do you attack humans?" Ye Huo continued to ask the question just now. Podolo listened to Ye Huo's words and smiled at the corners of his mouth, which made his already handsome face full of charm at this time. Ye Huo believed that if the idiot women in his team saw Podolo, they would be overwhelmed by the charm of the necromancer. It's simple. I can't find my way home, so I need a strong human to take me home. Podolo suddenly came with such words that Ye Huo was not prepared for. In the face of Podolo's somewhat nonsensical words, Ye Huo now even has an impulse to go up and beat him to death! You can't find a home, so you trap a group of people with a curtain of death? How can you find a strong human to send you home? If you meet someone who has a bad temper, you will be killed. After taking a few deep breaths, Ye Huo managed to adjust his state, and then said to Podolo, "Your Excellency Podolo, I think you will be punished if the necromancer knows what you are doing. Don't forget, the necromancer and any comrade-in-arms who fought against the Titans side by side a long time ago!" When Ye Huo spoke, he tried to make himself feel like what he said. First of all, the story he told about the dead and the humans fighting against the Titans did not take place on this continent, it was the history of the game, so he was not very confident about his remarks. Of course I did, so I didn't hurt anyone. Just as Ye Huo was thinking about what he would do if Podolo told him that there was no such thing as Titan, Podolo told Ye Huo in words that he was right again. Hearing that there were really titans in his world, and that humans had really fought against titans with the dead,stainless steel tube fitting, Ye Huo was glad that he had passed another pass and was more curious about the history of the continent. But I can't find the location of the abyss, and I think the strong of mankind should know. Podolo is still so elegant, so elegant that Ye Huo feels that he is more noble than an aristocrat.