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I was scared from the bottom of my heart when I saw the cold and sweaty gathering of demons-last time, if it wasn't for the ghost Dior trying to persuade me, or in his eyes, I was nothing at all.

I was scared from the bottom of my heart when I saw the cold and sweaty gathering of demons-last time, if it wasn't for the ghost Dior trying to persuade me, or in his eyes, I was nothing at all. According to his nearly thousand years of magic immersion, it should be no problem to give me a few forbidden spells, right? Just one.. I can only face the wall under the hall of reincarnation obediently! And this Hydra is obviously the most powerful BOSS I've ever seen so far-with up to 200,000 lives. It also has a head that can regenerate-which means that the vital attacks we usually use are ineffective against it! I have to talk about the setting of system BT here. In the system, the health of each monster is different. As a dragon family with a name, although their strength is strong, but the amount of blood is not much, even, not as much as the ordinary level 90 BOSS! It is estimated that this setting is biased towards treating the dragon as an NPC. However, the strength of the dragon is obviously not comparable to level 90! As of now. Level 90 BOSS in the eyes of players up to level 70, is no longer a rare monster, as long as the level reaches a certain level, the monster can not kill players. And cannot seckill, mean the player passes a kind to be called "grind" shameless method gets BOSS done? And the dragon.. For everyone, it's basically the same fate. Second kill! I can't remember the reason why I can be called a professional dragon slayer,Stainless Steel Toilet China, that is, I didn't give the dragon a chance to kill me in seconds. Friend This Hydra.. It's more scary. With the strength close to the dragon, not to mention, but also has several times more blood than the dragon! If you really want to grind it to death, you don't know what year and month you have to wait! Watching the Hydra chasing the leaves down the cliff with a rumbling sound, the angel and I rushed down directly after waiting for the recovery of flying. Well, the angel is still holding our little seven,Service Sink Faucets, who is lighter than us. Remember, hug me, I'm exhausted. The rapidly running leaf breathed heavily in the channel to complain, no wonder she, Hydra's speed did not drop a little because of its huge body. On the contrary, because of the huge body, the speed of swimming forward is faster. Had it not been for the occasional freezing effect of the leaf's normal attack, she would have been entangled by Hydra. Even so, the leaves can only run forward at the greatest speed. With a laugh, my body suddenly fell, and at the moment of approaching the top of Hydra's head, I handed it a fireball by the way, and then quickly swept to the leaves whose speed had dropped. With a beautiful cooperation, push button toilet flush valve ,Time Delay Faucet, the leaves were held in my arms. I'm so tired! Breathing heavily, the leaf shot a string of arrows into the head of the hydra in the middle, and one white light after another rose, and the hydra was in a rage. Almost there! I hope there won't be any trouble! While turning back carefully to keep a distance from Hydra, so that the leaves can continue to attack it, I carefully choose the route-the magic shield of the temple can resist the alien race! If this Hydra is also withstood, it will be all in vain. In front of us is the alien race-and these alien races obviously smell the smell of Hydra, in the moment we ran into the magic shield, all the alien race once again stirred up! "Come in here!" The angel drank loudly and released Blackie, standing on the edge of the magic shield to provoke the hydra who stopped! "Shit!" Having flown into the shield, I turned my head and saw the hydra suddenly stop at the edge. Who knows? Look at Blackie. Watching Blackie break through the void, the huge sickle of death held high to the huge head of Hydra rolling up and down! The blood light rises, a head is cut by the small black knife to fly! "Well done!" The angel drank loudly and cheered for Xiaohei. Before the words fell, Xiaohei gave him a surprise again. The painful Hydra suddenly sent out a harsh neigh, and its huge body jumped into the magic protective layer in an instant! At the same time, with a kind of agility similar to the extreme agility, Hydra's huge tail suddenly rolled in a flash of lightning, straight on the body of Xiaohei, nearly four meters of Xiaohei was blown into the air. Fuck! "Shit!"! Is that so awesome? Not only the angels, but even I was shocked. As a 100-level super BOSS, Xiaohei's weight is not as heavy as that of the dragon, but somehow he is also the emperor who commands the world's dead. Be swept away unexpectedly? You know, the Hell Watcher just let Blackie stagger! The little black who was swept away fell to the ground in the boom, and nearly ten thousand injuries rose. Hydra is like crazy, eight heads flying up and down, one after another of the first level of skills like a storm shot at the skeleton emperor Xiaohei. And in the face of the same level of BOSS, Xiaohei did not let us down, in the numerous injuries, Xiaohei suddenly jumped up, death sickle with a golden shadow swept to Hydra! "Stop!" Watching Xiaohei fight more and more bravely, I quickly shouted to stop. It would be nonsense to bring this guy here if Blackie seriously injured him. The angel who was cheering for Blackie suddenly woke up and watched the Hydra quickly dodge Blackie's sickle, hurriedly directing Blackie to rush to the alien camp-Blackie. I'm still a little reluctant! "Let me shift the battle lock." The leaves had recovered a little, and when they saw the Hydra going crazy and chasing Blackie, and Blackie seemed to want to fight, they quickly sneaked, and one arrow after another shot at the Hydra again with a cold awn, and I took the opportunity to change into the staff of Medusa, and the brilliance of the holy words fell on the huge trunk of the Hydra one after another. Passing quickly, in a moment, we reached the edge of the magic protection blessed by the three gods. And on the opposite side, countless Yi people have set up their formations, and black-robed witches appear again! "Bastards,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, you're messing with Hydra?!" The sound of rage rose, and the figure of Hades Dior rose into the air! It's not a provocation, it's a temptation.