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That's it again. I can't surrender. Ye Tian is very depressed in the heart, why the woman cries so easily, why oneself are afraid of the woman to cry.

That's it again. I can't surrender. Ye Tian is very depressed in the heart, why the woman cries so easily, why oneself are afraid of the woman to cry. Xiaoya, I'm wrong, okay? Cry in your body, hurt in my heart! Xiaoya suddenly stopped crying. There was nothing to cry about. Now she found that her dream was to spend a happy day with her beloved. Xiaoya gave Ye Tian a white look and said helplessly, "You are not only a liar, but also a thief." Ye Tian this is inexplicable, when I am both a liar and a thief, but as long as you do not cry, I am also happy to say that I am a robber. Ye Tian saw that Xiaoya did not cry, nor did he think much about it. But suddenly I remembered something, and the girl said to me, Qi said I was a thief.. Well, this girl doesn't mean I stole her heart. Ye Tian thought gloomily in his heart, with a surprised expression. Xiaoya looked at Ye Tian's surprised expression and realized that she had spilled the beans. She blushed and dared not look at Ye Tian. She only occasionally looked up at Ye Tian's reaction, especially at his eyes. She wanted to see Ye Tian's thoughts through the window of his eyes. Ye Tian sees Xiaoya so, more and more affirmed his idea, this Nizi is interested to oneself. Ye Tian has a headache, although he hopes to have more women,stainless steel toilet, but if he can't handle it well, he will be finished, and now he doesn't know what Yuelan thinks, but it is estimated that Yuelan will not agree. Moon orchid has been distracted to pay attention to Ye Tian, of course, saw Ye Tian and another woman have intimate movements, the mood suddenly became irritable. For the sake of that woman,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, he even ignored his own safety, and he was so intimate. What would it be if it wasn't that kind of relationship? Ye Tian, what's wrong with your eyes? Only then did Xiaoya discover that there was something wrong with Ye Tian's eyes, and she could not see anything in Ye Tian's eyes. That's the problem again. It's just that my eyes are broken, but it feels good to be cared about. Ye Tian is still so indifferent to say: "bad, can not see." Xiaoya hurried to Ye Tian, jade hand gently opened Ye Tian's eyes, carefully watching. Xiaoya looked at Ye Tian's indifferent expression and really wanted to beat Ye Tian severely. She said with concern, "Why don't you know how to protect yourself? Can you move conveniently if your eyes are broken?" I wasn't used to it at first, but now I feel good. My eyes are broken. Isn't there Xiaoya? Ye Tian still did not care to say, also did not forget to tease Xiaoya. It's not impossible for me to be your eyes, but I'm the only one around you. Xiaoya's tone suddenly changed faintly, and her heart was sour. The question came, Ye Tian did not dare to answer now, Self-closing Shower Valve ,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, was about to change the subject, but found that the breath of the sky suddenly became abnormal, the dark elements suddenly increased crazily. Ye Tian's foreboding in his heart deepened, and the golden light on his forehead suddenly shone for a moment. The moon orchid is hot with the fire swallowing the sky python, slightly gaining the upper hand. Lils, the blue dragon, also gained the upper hand in the race against the raging bear. The clear rain is responsible for the dark eating sword back tiger, and the endless thunder and lightning make the dark eating sword back tiger suffer a lot. Long Tian and Xiao Tian have no way to win or lose for the time being. If we stick to it, Long Tian may gradually be at a disadvantage. The number of other Warcraft is not as good as the army, the strength is not as good as the army, and the low-level Warcraft dies quickly. When the dark energy began to go crazy in the sky, Yuelan's heart sank slightly. When the Demons and the undead invaded, they also came into contact with this energy. The moon orchid clenched her teeth, and after a very cold light shot out, she said in a low voice and calmly, "Dark Church?"? It's a trick all over again, but this time it's really trouble. "Ling Ling, hold off the fire and swallow the python.". The rest of the people form a defense array, with the light system as the main part, with three layers and eight levels to protect the Aurora. With the command of Yuelan, the light mages who had not attacked before recited incantations one after another. Ling Ling flew, and suddenly numerous black pikes appeared around her body and flew to the python. Chapter one hundred and seven black fog diffuse good sneak attack Elder, do you need to call the dark dragon? Our current strength may not be enough. "A man in black stood looking at the sky shrouded in black fog and asked a little unconfidently, after all, the first legion was mainly established for the undead and the Demons, and there were many light magicians.". This is one of the reasons why the first step of the Dark Order was to destroy the legion. Wait for the elder to come, although the dark magic dragon is immune to elemental magic, but there is no way to light magic. As soon as the dark curtain is ready to attack, as long as the dark energy is strong enough, the light is not covered by the darkness. Ye Tian looked at the black fog all over the sky, a little heavy heart, this time may not be so simple. If I guess correctly, the black fog should isolate the magic signal for help, and it should also have the effect of weakening the power of light. The black fog rolled in the sky and gradually enveloped the sky. The whole team was plunged into darkness. A large light shield looked special in the darkness. In the battlefield of Lenglongtian and Xiaotian Warcraft, the black fog could not invade, and the strong energy raged in the space, which seemed to be in danger of collapse at any time. Now it is estimated that only Ye Tian is idle, because Xiaoya has not yet been invited out of the army, so when he heard the order of Yuelan, he had already returned to the team. The month orchid stares at the small elegant to look, the theory beauty is absolutely inferior to oneself, but the small elegant firm eyes actually let the month orchid feel the danger. Lesser also looked at the moon orchid without concession, the woman who used to admire has become the enemy, lesser also put down the mentality of admiration, the moon orchid is now just a competitor. This is not because of Ye Tian and competition,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, Xiaoya is to prove that they do not lose to the moon orchid, can compete with the people they admire, Xiaoya's ideal has been further sublimated.