Ugly slave

Also, it's hard to find a thousand pieces of gold. It's a secret medicine in the Baicao Department. Even if you have a heart, I'm afraid it's hard to catch the "souls" of nearly a hundred people at once.

Also, it's hard to find a thousand pieces of gold. It's a secret medicine in the Baicao Department. Even if you have a heart, I'm afraid it's hard to catch the "souls" of nearly a hundred people at once. Instead, you use the captured family members to force the six people-oh, no, plus Jiang Xunyun, the leader of the alliance, it's more reliable for seven people to take the soul grass. "What are you going to do?" Asked Bai Yu calmly. Xie Lingchen said, "Go to Baicao Department to seize the antidote of Shixiang Cartilage Powder, and then return to the dungeon to help the seniors recover their internal forces and rush out." "The tone is not small," said Bai Yu with a smile. Xie Lingchen frowned slightly and Bai Yu said, "You two don't have any internal force, do you?" Just two strokes of the sword out of the seemingly serious, but a careful inspection, we know that the outside is strong but the inside is dry. Xie Lingchen and He Chun looked tense. "The dungeon is at most three Li from here," said Bai Yu. "It's about a quarter of an hour's walk, plus the time to keep your eyes away and wait for an opportunity to move. I count it as half an hour since you left the dungeon. Just half an hour later, he began to be wanted by the whole temple. Do you really think you can see the gate of Baicaosi? "What are you trying to say?" He Chun asked angrily. Bai Yu smiled and said, "I want to say that when you two met me, you were lucky to fall down and pick up gold bars." He Chun was doubtful. Bai Yu bumped Li Lanze with her elbow. Yang Yang said, "Elder Martial Brother and I have just come from Baicao Department. What we are wearing now is the dress of the maid in the department. It is not a problem to enter Baicao Department to take medicine. If you two want to save the elder in prison, you might as well make a mutually beneficial and win-win deal with us." When He Chun heard this, he was excited and a little perturbed. After looking at Xie Lingchen,Time Delay Tap, he said nervously, "What kind of deal?" Bai Yu lowered her eyes and said, "We have a message. We need to pass it to a friend on the cliff outside the mirror as soon as possible. If you two can do it, my brother and I will go through fire and water to help our predecessors in prison recover their internal strength." He Chun was overjoyed and wanted to answer, but Xie Lingchen said suspiciously, "You don't even want to reveal your names. How do we know if we can trust you?" Bai Yu pulled her lips and said, "I'd like to send you out. Can I still hurt you?" Xie Lingchen was tongue-tied. White jade does not give the opportunity that the other side considers carefully, turn round and go: "Just, why to do that thankless thing,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, 3 elder brothers, go." "Wait!" As soon as they turned around, He Chun suddenly shouted in the back. Li Lanze wanted to stay, but was pulled by Bai Yu to stride away. He Chun could not catch up with him. In a hurry, he knelt down with a "splash". Bai Yu looked back and his expression changed. Chun'er! Xie Lingchen was stunned and pulled He Chun in the past, but she broke away. "Miss He," said Bai Yu in awe, "your Elder Martial Brother is right. He doesn't even know the name of the other party. If he kneels down rashly, I'm afraid it will become a lifelong hatred." He Chun clenched his fist and knelt on the bluestone floor. He hung his head and said, "What's your name? What's the matter?" Trapped in the dungeon, besides my father and brother, there are dozens of hundreds of Jianghu humerus, innocent women and children, but anyone who has the intention to rescue, I can afford to worship him! If you two can really save them from fire and water today, not to mention running errands to deliver letters, stainless steel squatting pan ,Concealed Flush Valve, even if it is a mountain of swords and a tree of swords, a pool of dragons and a den of tigers, I, He Chun, will not hesitate! The dry bluestone bricks were splashed wet by two tears. He Chun stubbornly raised his arm and quickly wiped away the tears in his eyes. Bai Yu looked at her head, which had always drooped, and her back, which had always been straight. With a stem in her chest, she withdrew her eyes and said, "Get up." He Chun doesn't move. Bai Yu frowned, silent for a moment, and pulled her up. He Chun was forced to look up, and when he bumped into Bai Yu's eyes, he was startled. Baicao is in the southwest. Come with me. The white jade falls down the eyelid, hides in the eye the color which is dispirited, the body walks out of the deep lane. After the alarm bell rang, the whole hall was cordoned off, and the patrols followed closely. At least three of the seven branch halls were running all over the hall with people. He Chun and Xie Lingchen lost all their internal strength and were unable to perform their flying skills. In case of danger, they were very passive. Bai Yu and Li Lanze moved with their cameras and stunned two followers of Kaiyang Church. They asked He Chun and Xie Lingchen to change their clothes and disguise themselves as people in the temple. Four people and hide and fight, as far as possible to avoid the big noise of the confrontation, took nearly an hour, just arrived at a small courtyard outside the wall of Baicaosi. At this time, the afterglow, Jinwu has fallen to the Western Hills, the ancient trees cover the sun Baicao Si stands in the evening tent, silent, as if empty city. Bai Yu did not dare to act rashly and motioned to the three of them to hide in the shadow of the trees in the corner. He whispered to the top of the wall, pushed aside the dense leaves and peeped out. His face changed. In the huge vestibule of Baicaosi, maids of all ranks stood separately under the eaves, their veils torn off, and dozens of faces were at a glance in the sunset. In front of a group of maids was Jin Zhi, the head of the Baicao Department, who was talking to Tianquan. She was over thirty years old and did not like to expose her true face in front of people, so she laid down the rule that people in the Baicao Department should cover their faces with white gauze. However, in front of Tianquan, she also removed her veil and showed a beautiful and cold face. The two of them stood facing each other, but did not communicate with each other. The atmosphere was faintly cold. At this time, a disciple of the Heaven Power Hall came quickly from behind the side door. He folded his fists and said, "Report back to the Lord of the Hall. There are two fainting maids in a wing in the backyard of Baicaosi. Their clothes have been changed. I think it was the thief who did it!" Tianquan nodded his head and glanced at Jinzhi. His tone was meaningful: "Tianquan has already advised the Venerable Lord. This place is too remote, and there are few believers patrolling it on weekdays. It's very easy to be targeted by thieves. I didn't want to, but it turned out to be a prophecy." Jin Zhi's eyelids drooped slightly, but he was still indifferent. Tian Quan didn't talk nonsense either. He glanced up and down at the courtyard and said, "In order to prevent thieves from repeating the same trick, I'll get up immediately. Baicao Si will be handed over to my Tian Quan Tang to guard. Come on." "Wait a minute-" the golden branch is not tight not slow, the faint voice cuts off, the day power brows a twist. "When will the head of a mere hall be qualified to transcend the venerable Lord and rule over our Baicao Department?" Asked Jin Zhi. Tianquan sneered and said, "Lord Jin, be careful what you say. What Tianquan has just said is'guard ', not'rule'." Jin Zhi Yan Bo said coldly, "Is there a difference?" As soon as Tian Quan's eyes were empty, he gradually lost his patience and said, "Lord Jin,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, now the bandits are invading and the whole temple is under martial law. This is not the time for you to take credit for yourself and act recklessly." Unmoved at all, Jin Zhi retorted, "It's not the time for Lord Tianquan to take the place of others." "You!" Tianquan glared.