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For Xiang Yu, now the biggest wish is to be able to defeat Liu Da. Not only because Liu Da is his biggest enemy, it also contains the dignity of a warrior.

For Xiang Yu, now the biggest wish is to be able to defeat Liu Da. Not only because Liu Da is his biggest enemy, it also contains the dignity of a warrior. The first battle at the gate of LouCang has become a heart disease of Xiang Yu. Life is the most proud of the brave, unexpectedly rely on a sneak attack to win. It's a shame. But he also knew that Liu Da was no longer the Liu Da of Loucang, nor was he the former Xiang Ji. After all, the two men will have to compete, but not necessarily the kind of confrontation he imagined. So. After Xiang Ji ascended the throne of the king of Chu, he learned that Liu Da had arrived in Luoyang and immediately led his troops to Jiyang. He wants to be here, and Liu Da to a duel again. Mianchi failed to do so, so let's fight in Daliang City! Fan Zeng is very clear about Xiang Ji's thoughts. From the heart, Fan Zeng didn't want to fight with Liu Da so soon. The reason. Liu Kan from letter valley Kanto. It is almost a bloody soldier to take the river Luo, and get YingChuan Chen county and Nanyang three county, momentum. Morale is booming. And Chu? First, the king of Chu was killed. Xiang Yu detoured thousands of miles and killed Wei Bao. But the vitality is damaged. In addition, there were changes in the Sanqi War. The Chu army now had to face two enemies at the same time, and a decisive battle at this time was of no benefit to Chu. In accordance with the meaning of Fan Zeng, Xiang Yu should be stable hoarding Sishui county and the county, the cloth Chai Wu from the chaos of Sanqi as soon as possible out, together. Then he defended Sishui, sent troops to attack Chen Jun, and tried to contact Wu Rui, who was stationed in Changsha, to gain a firm foothold in Jiangbei. Of course, if we can seize the opportunity to take Nanyang,plastic trash bins, destroy the Tang army horse in Yiling, it will be a wonderful ending. Fan Zeng also knew that it was not easy to seize Nanyang and destroy the Tang army in Yiling. But at least it can stop the Tang army in the southwest of Yiling. For Xiang Yu to stabilize the situation, has a great good. Unfortunately, Xiang Yu did not follow Fan Zeng's advice. But he also knows the importance of sticking to the county. So life Cao Gui withdraw troops to Suiyang, no matter what the situation, must not stick out. Hold the DangJun, Xiang Yu's flank even stable, he can better and Liu Da battle. On the tenth day of the third month, Liu Da's army came to the beam! After two years of war,plastic pallet supplier, the ancient capital of Daliang has become even more dilapidated. The river is surging around the girder. The Wei flag on the city head has long disappeared, replaced by a red gold character, embroidered with a white dragon flag, hunting in the wind. The king of Wei, accompanied by the prime minister Zhou Shi, went out of the city of Daliang to welcome Liu Da. The king of Wei was only ten years old. His name was Wei Mao. His face was pale and he looked very frightened. Zhou Shi stood beside him, softly comforting him. Although the king of Wei was not very old, he had experienced many ups and downs. Since the king of Wei was the king, he was the favored son of heaven, and then the king of Wei died, Wei Bao ascended the throne, he was no longer concerned. When Wei Bao died, he became the king of Wei, but before he could warm up the throne, he had to surrender to Tang Mu. These many experiences, let Wei Mao have more mature than his peers. He also knew that as far as the current situation was concerned, surrendering to Tang was undoubtedly the best choice, plastic pallet manufacturer ,mobile garbage bin, after all, the enmity between Wei and Chu was as deep as the sea. But he was still afraid, afraid of surrendering and being killed for no reason. Fortunately, Zhou Shi was by his side and always comforted him. Otherwise when Wei saw the first sight of Liu Da. It's inevitable to feel fear. No wonder, Liu Da height nearly Zhangs, majestic physique. He was nearly thirty years old, wearing a bright yellow robe, and he walked like a tiger, with an evil spirit. Wei Mao crawled under the city gate and said, "Long live!". Liu Da didn't mean to underestimate him. Step forward, help Wei Mao up, and then take his hand, together on the chariot. This small action immediately drew a sigh of relief from Daliang people. You know, the contradiction and hatred between the people of Wei and Guanzhong is not shallow. Not to mention anything else, after Wang Ben flooded the girder, the first thing was to launch a bloody massacre of the girder, which is still vivid in my mind. Liu Da this move, also shows that he will not to beam people, sacrifice the butcher's knife. In the palace of the king of Wei, Zhou Shi led the ministers of the state of Wei to bow three times and kowtow nine times to Liu Kui, and then held a grand banquet. After the banquet, Liu Da summoned Zhou Shi alone. Ask about the girders. Overall, the condition of the girders is stable. Before Wei Bao was whipped, the State of Chu was eyeing him covetously. People in Daliang were really worried for a while. But as Heluo was occupied by Tang, the King of Wei asked Tang to surrender and was allowed to surrender, and the people's hearts gradually stabilized. Over the past five years, Daliang has been repeatedly baptized by war, and the people of Daliang seem to have become accustomed to this change of Dynasty. Zhou Shi said, "I don't know how Your Majesty will settle the King of Wei." This is a very important issue, if Liu Da can not properly place the king of Wei, there will inevitably be some small trouble. And in the war will be temporary. Liu Da obviously does not want such a situation. Sao has two options, and Mr. Zhou can choose one. Liu Kui said, "The king of Wei can go to Xianyang and enjoy the same rest as the king of Zhao, or he can go to Luoyang and get the title of Duke.". What does the prime minister think? To Xianyang, there is basically no freedom at all. Stay in Luoyang, there is no freedom, but relatively speaking, it will be easier. With the idea of Liu Da, but hope Wei Mao to Luoyang, can to some extent, play the effect of stabilizing the hearts of the people of Wei. But Zhou Shi chose to go to Xianyang for the King of Wei. Although the environment in Luoyang will be relaxed, the danger will increase relatively. Wei is still a child, if someone with evil intentions take the opportunity to instigate, once the accident, it is necessary to lose the head. Zhou Shi felt the favor of Wei Wang Gui, although surrendered to the Tang, but also hope to keep the blood of Wei Gui, let Wei I have no worries. Staying in Xianyang, Wei Mao, even if he grew up, could not give birth to any special ideas. As long as Wei Mao is honest, he can live a long life, and maybe his descendants will be prosperous. "Now that you have made up your mind, do as you say." In this way,plastic pallet supplier, Liu Da recognized Zhou Shi's choice, and agreed that three days later, Zhou Shi accompanied Wei Wang Mao to Xianyang together. How to arrange the weekly market? Liu Da hasn't decided yet.