Satan's Entangled Love: Little Wife Is Pure

"Yes, yes, happy Chenxi sister, really a little jealous of you, I believe that Nan Zong should be, so conquer you?"?

"Yes, yes, happy Chenxi sister, really a little jealous of you, I believe that Nan Zong should be, so conquer you?"? After all these years, this habit has never changed! “…… "" Is it? Conquer? It's really out of the question. Before, she was still in love with Gu Junyi, in this line, she has been at the height of her power, but Gu Junyi has not yet made a big name! So according to his words, he did not want to disclose her relationship with him, which would affect her career, and even he would be affected, so in fact, because of this, even though two people are lovers, but no one knows! During that time, Nan Yuwei, as a friend, would give her a bunch of flowers after each performance. But at that time, in fact, she really never paid attention to his intentions, completely did not think, why he was so good to her ~ ~ ~ ~ And do not know why, today she seems to suddenly, a little understand! At that time, in fact, should he attach great importance to her? When she was most embarrassed and in need of help, he married her without hesitation? "Sister Chenxi, I really envy you. You are really happy to have such a good husband." "Yes,plastic pallet manufacturer, yes, happiness is dead!" “…… Cut, happiness? Among them, I don't know who snorted coldly, which sounded ironic, but before everyone had time to pursue anything, the boss had suddenly come in and asked them to prepare quickly for the stage. All right, my babies, it's almost time. You should have known about the sponsor's products before, and everyone should have got the corresponding products, right? "Mmm." "That's good. Don't make any trouble later. Give full play to the tacit understanding of each of you and perform well." “yes,sir!” The boss is actually a good person,spill plastic pallet, so everyone gets along well with him, and there is no pressure. So as soon as the boss gave the order, of course, everyone immediately and smartly adjusted each other to the best state, showed their most professional attitude, and then prepared to go on stage. And Luo Chenxi, who received the flowers, thought about Nan Yuwei, hesitated and irritable, and suddenly dissipated a lot, so her state was really adjusted well, and immediately returned to the most professional state. After putting the bouquet aside, she slowly followed the people in front of her to the stage, and she also went out from the backstage and came out directly. Beautiful music, dazzling lights, all kinds of people, but also let everyone once again, quickly entered the realm of selflessness. Models, eat this line of food, stage, that is, plastic wheelie bins ,heavy duty plastic pallet, they are born to show their charm. So it's normal for them to show their beauty on the stage, just like butterflies flapping their wings. Also because of them, the sponsor's products are naturally noticed by everyone. Her nightmare all the time! Also because of them, the sponsor's products are naturally noticed by everyone. Flash constantly, the camera is also constantly capturing their beautiful images, and the applause below, also in the performance to a small time, like thunder sounded. And after a show scene, all the models came out together and bowed to every audience. Then, the sponsor came out, all the models, because they were also carrying the sponsor's products, so in fact did not step down, still dedicated smile, still from different angles, to show all the people. But also because of this, probably not only Luo Chenxi, even Lin Ziyi is the same, in their concentration at the same time, in the sponsor's appearance, God gave them the biggest joke. Although he had not succeeded before, in fact, they also knew that this man was definitely not a thing in the pool, but the real discovery of this man, so stiff suit, so domineering natural appearance on this big stage, to accept all the camera baptism, and he is still so impatient, they stayed, really stayed! …… It's him! It's really him! Luo Chenxi almost the whole person was in a trance for a moment, and even felt that he was not having any hallucinations, because of that dream? Is that why she thought she saw him? And Gu Junyi is the same, in fact, after coming on stage, his vision, almost did not leave her. But over the past year, he has learned too many things, just like covering up! Obviously he is looking at her, but will not let people find! And still so eager to speak to the people under the stage. Luo Chenxi could not hear what he was saying, she did not even know what she was doing, what to do, her whole person on the stage, seemed a little stiff! But at the same time, she is also so calm, she tried to bloom her most professional smile. She laughed until she was stiff, until she was numb, until she didn't know what her next action or expression was! And Lin Ziyi under the stage, in fact, is the only one who knows the inside story, knows that Gu Junyi and Luo Chenxi have had such a period of people, so she looked at the stage although still in a charming smile, but also clearly see that she appears a little stiff, let Lin Ziyi extremely worried ah! …… God damn it! Luo Chenxi, you must hold on, if you can't hold on, if you show the appearance of being influenced by this man, then you really owe to smoke, and I'm sorry for someone! More than a year, more than a year, woman, you should wake up! You shouldn't be living under someone's nightmare! Gu Junyi on the stage seems to be saying something, but bullshit ah, who cares what he said? She's not interested at all, okay? What she cares about most now, of course, is a woman on the stage! Later? Later,wholesale plastic pallet, fortunately, it seems that there is no need to walk in the show, so the models can go to rest!.