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Professor Qu noticed his reaction and opened the glass door with a smile. "Did you see this as soon as you entered the door?"?

Professor Qu noticed his reaction and opened the glass door with a smile. "Did you see this as soon as you entered the door?"? It was handed down from my father. It was said that the Lord of Medicine used it to drink water, but he didn't know whether it was true or not. With the experience of the fake Dan Ding last time. Two days ago, I asked an expert to look at it, and the expert said that it was a modern fake, although it was some years old. "Did the expert tell you that he wanted to take it back and study it to find out how it was imitated?" Asked Meixi. Professor Qu said curiously, "Yes.". But I didn't let him take it. Whether it was an antique or not, it was something my father gave me. It was also a symbol. How do you know so well? Meixi sighed, "The man saw that you were a layman. At the sight of money, you had an evil thought. If you were an ordinary antique, just forget it. This water is really too precious.". It's a national treasure! If he takes it to transfer the bag and finds a master to make a high imitation for you, I'm afraid you can't see it with your eyesight, then it's really a fake. Professor Qu was stunned. It took him a long time to ask, "Is it really like what you said?"? That expert is the parent of one of my students. Would he make such an idea? Are you mistaken? Mei Xi: "That person perhaps does not have this kind of plan.". But I found that this thing was too precious, and you were easy to fool, so I had a bad idea. Jianghu people who used to play with antiques have done a lot of this kind of thing. Professor Qu frowned: "I remember what you said. He asked me again and again if I had found other experts to identify it. I told him no. He just identified it as a fake and said he wanted to borrow it to study it carefully." "Oh,custom cosmetic packaging, I didn't expect that. People's hearts are really unpredictable." He let out a deep sigh. The voice was full of emotion. Meixi advised, "The things handed down from our ancestors are true. Professor Qu should be happy. Don't sigh. There are all kinds of birds in the big woods. Even the parents of your students are not necessarily good people. This temptation is too great to make many people make mistakes." Professor Qu: "You are saying this water is very valuable, can you affirm it is antique really?" "I can't tell you how much it's worth, the blue and white and famille rose of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.". Recently, it has been auctioned for tens of millions of yuan, but you can't value it in the collection circle,cosmetic tube packaging, because you haven't seen anything similar in the auction market at all, so it's not easy to compare. I can tell you for sure that this is the secret glazed celadon of the Tang Dynasty. It is very difficult to imitate in the eyes of experts. It is impossible to have a sense of vicissitudes of history even if it is a fake made by a master. If you touch it, you can feel the smell. As she spoke, Meixi stretched out her hand and gently stroked the surface of the water with her fingertips. She had returned to "reality", but the feeling at the moment seemed to have passed through a thousand years again. Qu Zhengbo looked at him, his eyes changed unconsciously, he did not know what he was thinking, and he was stunned there. Mei Xi noticed the old man's abnormality and turned to ask him, "Professor Qu, what's wrong with you?" Professor Qu: "Meixi, I have known you for so long, tube lip gloss ,plastic packing tube, but I didn't realize before that you are really not an ordinary person.". In olden times, I would have thought you were a little prince traveling in disguise. What they are talking about is a priceless treasure. People like Professor Lian Qu heard that the treasures handed down from their ancestors were so precious that they couldn't help having a dry throat and even sweaty palms. Meixi, on the other hand, was very calm and calm from beginning to end, and there was no special change in her tone. When she reached out to touch the water, her fingertips were very steady without a trace of trembling, just like touching an ordinary teapot. Look at the way he talked just now, where does he look like a sophomore from a poor mountain village? Although the clothes are ordinary and old, but the demeanor is graceful, people can not help but shine at the moment. Mei Xi also realized that he withdrew his hand and explained: "Maybe it's because I've seen more antiques since I was a child, and there are many true and false ones." Professor Qu closed the cabinet door and whispered, "Meixi, if what you said is true, then I beg you one thing. Don't tell my wife. It will frighten her. Don't tell Yimin for the time being.". ” Don't tell me what? What are you sneaking around talking about? Are you talking about me behind my back? Qu Yimin happened to walk into the study at this time and heard Grandpa's last words. Qu Zhengbo laughed and said, "I'm telling Meixi that the fake Dan Ding can't be used as an heirloom. Fortunately, my ancestors left something for you to make a dowry in the future." Grandpa means the old teapot? Cut, I dare not want, that is your treasure, I dare not even touch it! Dinner is all set. Go to the kitchen quickly, it's time for dinner! Since it was a birthday party, in addition to many good dishes, Qu Yimin also specially bought a cake for Meixi and inserted twenty candles. Turn off the lights and light the candles before the banquet. "Meixi," said Qu Yimin, "make a wish." Meixi closed his eyes and put his hands in front of his chest to make a wish. The birthday song sung by Qu Yimin clapping his hands with his grandmother came to his ears. Suddenly, his mind was blank. He didn't know what kind of wish he should make? Before he could figure it out, the candle was almost burning. Qu Yimin shouted again, "Wish is ready. Blow out the candle quickly.". You'd better take a breath! Meixi opened his eyes and blew out the candles with a gentle breath. Everyone else on the table laughed and raised their glasses to wish him a happy birthday. This dinner is warm and happy, it seems that this is a feeling of "home", right? Meixi asked himself in his heart, but he was not sure. Qu Yimin has her own single dormitory, which is close to the place where classes are held. I don't usually live with my grandparents. Dinner the day after tomorrow has been completely dark, Qu Yimin drank a few glasses of red wine, face red to some hot. When Meixi said goodbye, she also wanted to leave. Grandma Jiang advised her granddaughter, "You drank a lot of wine today, and tomorrow is the weekend,plastic laminated tube, so you can stay here." Qu Yimin: There will be an experiment tomorrow morning. The lesson plans are all in the dormitory. I'd better go back. Meixi, you see me off. Qu Yimin and Mei Xi came downstairs. She stretched herself to the sky and said, "I'm so happy tonight.". I've eaten a little too much. Will you take a walk with me? 。