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This is the challenge that the Qinghu new ditch defense line needs to deal with. There are not enough people!

This is the challenge that the Qinghu new ditch defense line needs to deal with. There are not enough people! A voice suddenly sounded, directly interrupting Captain Luo, "Our defense line may not be able to stop this wave of monsters." Luo yuanzheng was a little puzzled. It was not Su Yunbing who spoke, but Hang Yu, who was not very impressive. The battle is about to begin. Don't talk nonsense and disturb the morale of the troops. Huang Yan, the squadron leader, immediately stood up and said discontentedly, "We have more than a thousand men and more than a thousand guns in our defense line. Can't we stop thousands of ants?" Hang Yugang wants to explain. There was a sudden commotion outside, and soon there was a clatter of gunfire. It's not good! "The monster appeared!" "There is a monster in the stronghold!" A Skynet soldier rushed in to report. Everyone's face changed greatly. Isn't it still two or three hours before the strange tide arrives? Why did the monster appear so soon? And directly in the factory! The crowd did not care so much and immediately came out to have a look. As expected, there were many giant ants in the abandoned factory, at least twenty or thirty, generally brown-red, adult goat-sized workers, who were attacking the soldiers who were caught off guard. What the hell! "How did they get in?" Hang Yu understood that it might be too late to ask for help now. Chapter 141 a pure man's blow. Captain Luo is confused. Intelligence should be infallible. It will take at least two hours for the strange tide to arrive. Even if you arrive early, shouldn't you appear in front of the defense line and fall into the ambush of Skynet? Why did these reptiles bypass the ambush and appear inside the factory as if they had opened the teleportation plug-in? This is so weird! "Captain, I found it." "Giant ants come out of the production workshop in the back!" "You stay to destroy the giant ants, and the others go with me," said Captain Luo immediately. Several captains remained to command the battle. Captain Luo led the others to the direction of the giant ants. This is the former production workshop of the automobile factory, and there are more giant ants nearby. Giant ants kept coming out from all directions, and when they found the group,tannic acid astringent, they immediately gathered around and attacked. Fire "Kill them!" Liang Dong and Liang Qiu, two team leaders, led a team of people. Without saying a word, he opened the battle and fired, occasionally throwing out one or two skills of the spirit world. The carapace of brown-red giant ants is comparable to that of stone slabs, and their vitality is relatively tenacious, but under the dense firepower network, they can only shoot six or seven shots one by one on average. Under the strong firepower,akba boswellic acid, the giant ants are overturned one by one. Hang Yu has to say. The quality of these Skynet soldiers is quite high. In the process of following the team, he quietly used the Lotus of Gathering Spirit. From the bodies of these giant ants that have been shot, there is a constant release of spiritual energy, which is first gathered by the Lotus of Gathering Spirit, and then directly absorbed by Hang Yu, so that the Reiki in his body increases by two or three points. Not bad! The brown-red giant ant is just a common monster. Although the spirit of living now is not high, it is better than nothing. After all, people without me is an advantage, people bleeding and sweating to kill monsters, there is no Reiki, and they only need to paddle, you can constantly harvest Reiki, such a cool thing, where to find? Only 20 giant ants have been shot and killed. Hang Yu not only got two or three points of Reiki, pumpkin seed extract ,pumpkin seed extract, but also summoned the soul breath in the spell, which actually accumulated to 8 o'clock! Good, very good, at that time to get the spell team, slashing a day monster, only half of this, and Hang Yu has not yet shot, a few minutes to collect 8 points. There are few giant ants now. Gains are already starting to appear. If a real war breaks out later, how much benefit can we get? Although the current situation is difficult, Hang Yu still feels that this trip is not in vain! Luo yuanzheng personally led the team to push all the way to eliminate thirty or forty giant ants, but at this time, an unexpected situation suddenly appeared, from several different directions, suddenly came a large number of giant ants. Careful "There are elites!" "Kill it!" Huang Yan, the squadron leader, noticed that there was a black giant ant in the large group of brown-red giant ants. Brown and red giant ants are similar in size to adult goats, while black giant ants are larger than adult domestic pigs. Not only are they larger in size, but their carapaces are black and shiny, giving people a strong feeling of invulnerability. Liang Dong and Liang Qiu, two team leaders, hurriedly opened fire on him. Black giant ants are very flexible, and hide in a dozen or twenty brown and red giant ants, most of the bullets failed to hit it, and in time a bullet hit the body, like hitting steel, splashing sparks, and then bounced off, leaving only some small marks. Luo yuanzheng's expression became very dignified. The defense of this black giant ant is so high! There is no doubt that the black giant ant is definitely a level 4 elite monster. Ordinary guns against level 4 elite monster, although can also cause damage, but the damage, is certainly very limited, now black giant ants mixed in the ant colony, so that human guns appear so powerless. Su Yunbing controls the Fishman Hunter. A fishbone javelin shot straight to the forehead. The black giant ant reacted very quickly, immediately looked up, a pair of giant jaws, burst of light, like shears, actually broke the fishbone javelin in the air. You are a level 4 elite. This guy is very strong! Su Yunbing showed a dignified color. Several soldiers in the front row pulled out grenades and were about to pull them away. The black giant ant sprayed a stream of acid like rain, and several Skynet soldiers were covered, their hands, chests and faces began to smoke, and even the barrels of their guns melted and softened. Not good Everyone's face changed greatly! The red ants in front of the black giant ants have fallen. It rushed out directly and quickly to several fallen soldiers. That ferocious and sharp giant jaw, like a big pliers bite hard, not to mention flesh and blood, even if the steel is bitten,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, it will be cut up in an instant. In the Nick of time. A throwing knife hit the soldier ant on the head. The blade pierces the carapace, plunges the whole thing, and is more powerful than a rifle bullet!.