The official road is romantic

Chapter 722 the time of isolation (I). Hou Weidong personally gave Gao Changjiang, the head of the township, water and a cigarette.

Chapter 722 the time of isolation (I). Hou Weidong personally gave Gao Changjiang, the head of the township, water and a cigarette. At this time, he had decided to help the head of the township, but he first hit Gao Changjiang's expectations. "Gao Xiangchang." We have an old relationship, so we won't speak in a bureaucratic tone. "Now the whole country is fighting against it." We should catch both good and bad examples. Your niece has just become a bad example, and now the document of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection has come out. You're late. When Gao Changjiang heard that Hou Weidong rejected his request, he said anxiously, "My brother, mayor, my niece is only a mother, and she is a twin daughter. Some fear is excusable.". Now a stick has killed a man. You have to give people a chance to turn over a new leaf. ,” In normal times, it would be a piece of cake. But these are extraordinary times, and these extraordinary times are no joke. "The Minister of Health has been dismissed." After Gao Changjiang was rejected, he felt that he could not hang on his face. "But thinking of his niece's earnest eyes, he smiled awkwardly." He continued to make friends and said: ". Brother, "My niece is your niece, and you have to help in this matter anyway." You are the mayor now, and this matter is not a piece of cake. " Gao Changjiang was Hou Weidong's teacher who entered the official career. When we met again ten years later,ghana seed extract, Hou Weidong felt that the teacher's mind was like a transparent person in his own eyes. "On the one hand, after Hou Weindong left Qinglin Zhi1, he came into contact with the essence of Shazhou, one by one." On the other hand, after retiring, Gao Changjiang became a retired old man and was gradually isolated from society. Hou Weidong really feels that he can do well in front of Gao Changjiang. He said two difficult words, and then changed the subject: "If it is someone else,ghana seed extract," this matter can only be so, but the old head of the township came forward, "I have to think of something to do first." When Gao Changjiang heard this, he knew that there was hope again. "Ask the mayor's brother to think of a way," he said. ,” "" The old head of the township. Don't be busy first. I need to talk to your niece. Get to know the situation first. And then we'll talk about the next step. ” Gao Changjiang's niece entered the room and sat in front of Hou Weidong with some embarrassment, not daring to look at Hou Weidong's eyes, and there was no place for her hands and feet. Hou Weidong didn't beat around the Bush any more. "What's your education background?" He asked. "" What? " Gao Changjiang's niece was so nervous that she didn't hear Hou Weidong's question clearly because it was a matter of her life and it was the first time she met the city leader. Gao Changjiang answered, "She studied in a nursing school.". 1, Hou Weidong's face solemnly tunnel: "." Now the whole country is fighting, as medical staff leave their posts, it is equivalent to soldiers fleeing on the battlefield, "the mistake is serious, the county discipline inspection commission has issued a circular, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,naringenin price, the document is also unchangeable." ” Gao Changjiang's niece has beautiful features. "She is the kind of wife and mother. She was confused by Hou Weidong's words and did not know how to deal with it." I have an idea.. Now the province is running a college class for nurses. If you are interested, you can go to school. "I can sign up for you." After graduation, "You can go back to Yiyang or stay in Shazhou." ” Gao Changjiang's nephew and son-in-law teach in Dongcheng District of Shazhou. Two people live apart, think of a lot of ways can not be reunited. At this time, he was punished. On the contrary, I can read junior college and work in Shazhou Hospital. This is all about pie in the sky. The two of them walked out the door. Gao Changjiang's niece's face was like peach blossoms. Looking at the masks all over the street, she didn't feel dazzling. "Instead, she was full of happiness and said," "Uncle. Is this true? With this satisfactory result, Gao Changjiang was very high-spirited. "Of course it's true," he said. "Hou Weidong is the vice mayor of Shazhou." A serious in-service cadre at the deputy department level, it's not a piece of cake to do these things. " "As he walked, he said," When Hou Weidong was assigned to Shangqinglin, he didn't know anything. He followed me every day, going down to the village, building roads, and running a quarry. I'm the one who advised him. Without me, there would be no him today. "Can he not help me?" Gao Changjiang's niece only cares to be happy, although she feels that this remark is somewhat boastful. I didn't say it. For Gao Changjiang's niece, "this is a great event, if not for Gao Changjiang, this layer of Guan Sang." Perhaps she was fired, at this time with Hou Weidong's relationship. She'll be at the end of her tether. Another spring comes when the willows are dark and flowers are bright. According to the superstition, "This is the good fate of Gao Changjiang, so that the niece is free from suffering.". For Hou Weidong, this is a very small thing. Zhu Yan's wife, Jiang Yuxin, is now working in the provincial health department. "She is just in charge of this matter." Let her come forward and say something. "It's really a small matter to find a job in a hospital. Not long after Gao Changjiang and Gao Changjiang walked out, Gui Gang, director of the county party committee office, came over again to ask for instructions. Jiang, deputy director of the provincial education department, is going to Shazhou University. To inspect the anti-African work. Secretary Cai asked me to ask you if you would go there together. ” "This well is waiting to inspect the work." Director Jiang is doing a solid job. " "Hou Weidong originally wanted to say" "Director Jiang, this is to add confusion 1", temporarily changed to "solid work", and said: "Now that you are here, that is, a guest, you should go to accompany. ,” Came to Shazhou University, after the inspection. Only then did Hou Weidong go to the university to meet with Director Jiang. "Director Jiang was born in the education system and has a scholar's demeanor. This time, he is specially responsible for the anti-African work of the provincial universities." Only then did he finish the school in Lingxi and Tiezhou, and Shazhou was his third stop. In the period.. Everyone's mentality has changed. "A meal of wine at noon is very implicit." The center of the conversation is still around the work of fighting. After lunch.. Director Jiang did not rest and left. "Hou Weidong has been living in the county party committee since he came to Shazhou." Although Yan Chunping bought clothes inside and outside. But when he got in the car.. Sunning suddenly wants to go back to the professor. Arrived at the professor's building. Hou Weidong ordered,saw palmetto extract, "Xiao Yan, you go back to the hostel first." Pick me up at three in the afternoon. ” I just went upstairs and was taking the key to open the door, but the door next door squeaked. Hou Weidong seems to have telepathy. Look back at the door.