Collection of Cai Jun's Horror Short Stories

Is it because of mom? Father said that from the day she was born, her mother left the world forever, not even a picture left.

Is it because of mom? Father said that from the day she was born, her mother left the world forever, not even a picture left. Her father could only tell her that her mother was from Africa and was as charming as she was. My father has been single for twenty years. Maybe he should find another woman. But he never thought that he only cared about his daughter, and sometimes she even felt that her father's love for her had exceeded his father's love. She went into the living room and called to her father, but there was no answer. The strange uneasiness came to her again, and she searched the whole house, but found no trace of her father. Except for the basement. Since she was a child, her father had told her firmly that she must not break into the basement. Now she was standing in front of the basement door, and her father's eyes, which were hiding some secret, came back to her. Finally, unable to resist her impulse, she opened the basement door. When the soft light illuminates the mysterious basement, it is found that my father is not here, only a strange machine, which looks like some kind of medical treatment instrument, with a groove for a person to lie in, and a glass cover at the end. There is a screen and a keyboard above the machine. When she came to the machine,jujube seed powder, the screen suddenly lit up, and a line of words appeared in it- "My daughter, you are here at last." "Dad!" She exclaimed, "Where are you?" The answer on the screen: "Actually, I'm not your father.". Sorry, I shouldn't call you'daughter '. I can only call you Eve. And now, my dear little Eve,best green coffee bean extract, I will leave you forever. She shook her head blankly. It was obvious that the father's words were on the screen, but why did he not recognize her as a daughter? Now, the secret is finally displayed on the screen through the words of the father (if he can still be called a father). My little Eve, the instrument in front of you now is a time machine. It goes back more than twenty years. At that time, I was still a young man in my twenties. Besides molecular biology, I was also very interested in physics. I worked with a professor of meta-physics who invented this time machine. However, an accident happened in an experiment, and the professor was sent to Nanjing in December 1937 by a time machine and never came back. I was determined to complete the professor's experiment, so I operated the machine myself and traveled through time and space. It was a wonderful experience, and I set the end of my time travel on the grasslands of East Africa 143000 years ago. However, I still have a miniature time travel device in my backpack to use when I go back. You can't understand how excited I was when I first came to the ancient land. Everything was like a dream. I found some species that are extinct today, and some species that are different from today's descendants. I even regret why I didn't freeze the time to the Cretaceous period so that I could see the dinosaurs with my own eyes. But soon I no longer regret it, because I met a more valuable species-human beings. Yes, turmeric extract powder ,turmeric extract powder, human beings, no doubt human beings. Neither Homo erectus nor early Homo sapiens like Neanderthals, but the new man, the new man who is almost no different from modern humans, or more precisely, the earliest modern humans in biology. She is a woman. More importantly, she's beautiful. Incredibly, 143000 years ago, a beautiful young woman appeared in front of me. Her naked skin was not as dark as I expected, but a healthy light brown, somewhere between yellow and black, and so was her face. Her big, bright, black eyes were staring at me. Her lips were as full and sexy as those of today's Africans, but the line of her chin was as soft as that of East Asians. She also had black curly hair with streaks of red in it. This is the woman 143000 years ago, her beauty belongs to the wild. Her upper body was bare, the skin on her chest was seductively reflective, her shoulders and calves were full of strong muscles, and there was hardly any excess fat, which I knew was the result of her hard survival in the wild. Her only cover was a cheetah skin wrapped around her waist, and the spots of the skin made her look good. Maybe she had the same aesthetic as us. She's looking at me. For a moment, time seemed to stand still, and I stared at her, at the faces of our ancestors, until she suddenly turned and ran away. She ran like a real cheetah, and all I could see was the beautiful spotted skin on her waist swaying away. I ran helplessly after her, but my speed was so slow that I could only shout at her loudly. It was ridiculous. How could people 140,000 years ago understand the language of modern people? After a while, she disappeared without a trace. As a modern man, I am so weak physically compared with my ancestors that I can only rest under the bushes. Just now I saw a human being, absolutely true, a new person who has completely evolved, and there is no difference between modern people, except race. She seems to have the characteristics of all modern races at the same time, perhaps because of this, she is so perfect. It was not until tens of thousands of years later that the various races of modern human beings began to differentiate because they settled in different environments. Although the earliest human beings originated in Africa, their appearance and skin color were not necessarily the same as those of modern African blacks. The skin color of black people gradually turned black in the long process of evolution. Ancient night has fallen on the East African Savannah, and many nocturnal animals have come and gone. Maybe I should go home. But I don't want to be here. Is it because of her? The woman from 140,000 years ago. Under the mysterious stars of ancient times, the wind of the East African grassland blows across my forehead. In the hypnotic wind, I gradually fell asleep. I do not know how long,stesweet stevia, I slowly opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was my own kind-her. Yeah, that's her. The woman I saw yesterday was 143000 years ago. She's looking at me.