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John asked numerous questions along the way, such as the current price of raw materials, market conditions, industry dynamics, Lin Weiping naturally answered one by one.

  • John asked numerous questions along the way, such as the current price of raw materials, market conditions, industry dynamics, Lin Weiping naturally answered one by one. But when he answered, he had already kept an eye on it. Confucius only said what was good for him. It's just that Waldo pretends to know what he doesn't know, and the questions he asks are irrelevant and very difficult to answer. But Yu Fengmian closed his eyes without saying a word, and did not know whether he was really sleeping or not, but he could keep silent in the noise of such a headache, but it was also horizontal. But she doesn't understand English, so she may feel a little better. First send John two people into the hotel, then Lin Weiping turned the car to the parking lot, asked: "Where are you going?" Yu Fengmian was stunned. "You know my family." But as soon as the words came out of his mouth, he immediately understood that Lin Weiping was also a mixed person on the scene, knowing that the bosses of the enterprises involved in the accident often stared at a large number of people who wanted debts, and that the construction industry was still flourishing. Let's go back and have a look. They are not familiar with your car. But the man opened the door and sat in the back seat, thinking that he was afraid to see trouble at a glance. Lin Weiping opened according to the words, but he was kind enough to say, "You'd better be careful. If this happens to a man, he will eat some fists and feet at most, and a woman will suffer more.". Especially in your construction industry. Yu Fengmian heaved a deep sigh and said, "Let's go and have a look.". I live in a place where security is very strict, and people can't wait to go up. If someone is waiting for me, you can see it in the hall below. I want to know the situation. Although she already knew the seriousness of the matter, she did not see it with her own eyes and always took chances. Lin Weiping understands. This section of the road is not long, a few minutes to arrive, to the building below, while Lin Weiping turned to reverse, Yu Fengmian saw those who did not want to see but expected to meet. Her face naturally became ugly, but Lin Weiping turned around and did not observe her carefully, but felt that she was terribly silent. On the main road, I peeked in the mirror, but I saw that she was still looking out of the window,phycocyanin spirulina, thinking that her heart would not be so still now. But I had to wake her up. "Do you have any other place to stay?"? Or stay in a hotel? Only then did Yu Fengmian's whole body jump, as if the frightened man had come to his senses and said blankly, "There is a place to live, but there are a few people who know about it. It's better not to go.". As for the hotel, unless I don't come out, they will find me. Come on, take me to the coach station. Lin Weiping wondered what she was doing outside? Why don't you just find Shang Kun and Lao Wang, solve the problem, and then get rid of the burden and turn over a new leaf? Ordinarily, no matter how down and out she is, after all, she still has such a big asset that she won't end up with nothing left. Where is she going? Chapter Twenty-four Linde and his party came out of the airport and saw Shang Kun's Mercedes Benz. Lin Weiping did not hesitate to take a few quick steps to open the door of the co-driver and sit on it. Because she drove the car when she came, and she still had the key. Seeing this, Shang Kun laughed and said, "If you don't learn the good, it's easy to learn the bad." I had to sit in the driver's seat. The key had already been inserted by Lin Weiping and had already started, so Shang Kun went up and opened it. "This Saturday, lutein eye complex ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, have you ever thought about relaxing?"? I've been nervous for a few days since Lind came, and I don't want to go back and face the same people and things. Lin Weiping said with a smile, "I have something to do.". Every day you are trapped in Lind's side, the company and the dock I have only telephone command, do not trust, want to go back to see. Take me to the dock. As of today, all the goods picked up during the Spring Festival have been sold out, and the payment for goods has been collected exactly. But it is said that today is the time when the cargo ship arrives at the dock and the cargo owners concentrate on picking up the goods. Lin Weiping feels that it is better for him to be present, and he is more relieved. But Shang Kun did not know the twists and turns, and said disapprovingly: "The company is not necessarily less, and you will not work well. Often when you are in the company, you do report, ask for instructions, and sign one after another, but when you are not in the company, people will still operate. At most, there will be more phone calls.". You have to cultivate it slowly, and don't get into trouble every day. At present, the company's production is smooth, the loan is in place, and there is no change in personnel, so you should arrange the routine work that appears regularly to the people who hold each other down to do it separately, and don't do everything yourself. ” Lin Weiping thought to himself, "I've known this for a long time, and I've been doing it for a long time. But at first, I was not worried that you would unload the mill and kill the donkey, so I took over the business. Later, I had two flowers and one branch, and started my own business. So how could I not be busy?" I am afraid that the reason is too smooth, one day walking back to the company outside, only to find that the world has already changed, I was overhead, the company was taken over smoothly. Shang Kun smiled and reached for Lin Weiping's hand and pressed it on the handbrake. "You're a crafty and quick learner. Triumph has long been airtight by you. I can't get in. I have to find a way to take you over. You're mine. I don't care if Triumph is all for you." Lin Weiping said with a smile, "It turned out to be a business merger, so I would like to ask boss Shang, what price do you offer Lin Weiping in your heart?" Shang Kun looked at her and saw her smiling and just looking at the road ahead, without showing a little affectionate, happy and satisfied appearance, thinking that this is it, blame yourself for not being strategic enough, take the initiative first, this year who takes the initiative to put forward who is passive, but the situation is stronger than others, just a Lin Weiping, went to Gongchao, and then came a Lao Wang eyeing covetously, he did not strike first. Besides, her condition seems to have treated her badly. He seemed to say casually, "If you are not afraid of being tired, my position will be given to you, and the pen for signing will be controlled by you. In the future, I will enjoy life at home and wait for you to feed me." After years of ups and downs, Shang Kun simply knows too much about how to defeat the fortress in the heart of the other side. Just like boxing,fenugreek saponins, if you follow the rules to punch a few punches, it is better to punch with all your strength. The same is true of winning the favor of the other side. It is better to give a gift that exceeds the expectation of the other party than to give a gift that exceeds the expectation of the other party at one time. For Lin Weiping, he also gambled.