We're extremely excited about this and believe in the team

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"We're extremely excited about this and believe in the team, and we believe that by the end of 2015, we'll have something unique," Sams told P2Pah the other night.

Blizzard entertainment "mismanaged" production of production of the WoTLK Classic Gold film, according to the former director Sam Raimi (Spider-Man, Oz: The Great and Powerful). In an interview with Vulture the director provided the timeline of events from his own side of the table.

"First I was asked if would like to do it and I said"Yes, I am a fan of World of Warcraft, and I believe it could be a fantastic film.' So I started reading an unpublished screenplay that originated from the team who work at World of Warcraft developer] Blizzard but it didn't work for me. I informed them that I was looking to write my own story together with the help of [Saving Private Ryan and The Patriot writer Robert Rodat], so we presented the idea to Legendary and they liked the story, then we presented it to Blizzard they were hesitant but they did agree to the idea."

Then, Raimi explained Rodat wrote the script and it was when the two realized that Blizzard is the only one with the right to veto. This could turn out to be a stumbling block.

"And they never agreed with the story we proposed to them. These reservations were their method of saying that they don't like this story and we'd prefer to go differently which meant that after nine months working on this story and had to begin again," Raimi said. "And Robert did start over but it was taking far too long for the folks at Blizzard and their patience was dwindling with WoTLK Gold. Sincerely, I think that it was a mistake by them, and not to inform us that the original story was rejected long ago. Why did they allow us to continue working on the issue? Are they afraid to speak to me?"