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Originally published as Handmade | How to sew a pleated skirt This article introduces the sewing method of pleated skirt! Preliminary preparation: Expand the full text Tools: sewing machine, ruler, iron, ironing table, scissors, bead needle, retractable tape measure sewing , thread scissors, awl, string threader, tape measure, thread for sewing machine, paperweight, pen Material: (Take the skirt length of 80 cm as an example) Fabric: 110cm × 200cm Elastic band: 2cm × 80cm ※ The length of the elastic band is waist size × 0.9 + the length of the nest edge is about 3cm. Cloth cutting: Cut out two pieces of cloth as shown. Fold the hem and waist in thirds and iron out the crease The figure shows a ruffled fold at the waist. The figure shows the folding of the waist without ruffles. The illustration shows a partial fold at the hem. Sewing with a sewing machine: Place the two pieces of cloth on top of each other with the backs facing out and sew the sides. Lock the edge Move the sutured part to one side and fix it with an iron If you don't have a sewing machine for overhand stitching, here are two other ways to treat the seam after the initial stitching. After the two pieces of cloth are sewn, cut 1.5 cm from the edge of one of them. Wrap the short part with the long part and iron it flat The sewing machine was used to sew successfully. The second method. Sew the right sides of the two pieces of cloth again, leaving a margin of 0.5 cm On the inner side of the cloth, turn the spare part to the inner socket edge and fix it with an iron. Unfold the front and subtract the excess cloth The inner surface is sewed, and the treatment is finished. Sewing waist: The picture shows a seam with a ruffle at the waist. The figure shows the seam without ruffle at the waist. Refer to the previous three-fold step and sew the seam 2.5 cm away from the outer end. Reserve an area of approximately 4 cm for insertion of the elastic band Sew hem: Refer to the previous three-fold procedure and stitch 3cm from the outer end Interspersed elastic: The edges of the elastic overlap approximately 1.5 cm and are sewn into a rectangle End of insertion of elastic band, sealing: Tidy up with an iron to finish: From: Handmade Guest by Diu Diu Sauce This article and its original author are from: kinarino. JP/cat6/31756 the copyright of the pictures and text quoted in this article belongs to the original website and its photographer. Costume design Dress matching Browse more "Learning Information" Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.