Wake up, she's your sister! Fan 3

Original Title: Application of Precision Speed Stabilizer in Drilling Power Head With the needs of large-scale

"In the village south of the Yangtze River, Mammy, who brought me up, died. I should do something to make money." Wen He skillfully pulled out a sweet potato from the land, shook his head and said, "It's too small. We need to promote planting and cultivate it." "These things will be done by the people of the Ministry of Works." Xu Rin dug for a long time but failed to dig the soil, after all, he accepted the fact that he would not do it at all. Wen He secretly threw a few sweet potatoes he had dug out at his feet and winked. Xu Rin stepped back two steps to show that he didn't need it. Fortunately, he is now drinking wine, is sleeping, did not find the small action here. Just then, a milky voice came over: "I saw it all." The crane crouched on the ground, was frightened, and sat down on the mud. She looked up at the source of the sound and saw a little girl with a ice-sugar gourds squatting on the ridge of the field, about seven or eight years old,Pallet rack upright, looking at them. The little girl licked a mouthful of ice-sugar gourds and pointed to the crane and said, "If you throw your things to him and your teacher finds out, it's over." Wen He shrugged her shoulders, and of course she didn't care what he thought. But Xu Lin was different. "I'll confiscate it," he said with a straight face. "I don't care if you confiscate it, I saw it anyway." The little girl bit off a hawthorn fruit. What's your name? Whose child is it? Wen He looked at the little girl's quaint appearance and thought it was funny. He hugged his chest and asked. My nickname is Xiaoya,heavy duty warehouse rack, the people in this village, see you strange, followed to see. Said the little girl with arms akimbo. Tell me what it's going to take not to expose us. "Wen He also had the idea of teasing. He didn't even dig the sweet potatoes. He threw the hoe away and asked." This ice-sugar gourds is very delicious, and I want to eat more, but my mother won't give me money. The little girl bit the ice-sugar gourds and said. Xu Lin immediately took out his purse and planned to pay for it. The crane pressed his hand and whispered, "I'll give it." "What ice-sugar gourds is so delicious?" The crane bent over and asked curiously. I bought it on the street in Gyeonggi City. I don't know. After all, Xiaoya was still a child, a little naive, and answered in detail. This Then I'll buy you some strings. Wen He came up with an idea. All right, all right. The little girl clapped her hands and said. Then you give me a bite of ice-sugar gourd and let me taste it so that I can buy the same one. Wen He said with a smile, which was very deceptive. The little girl bit her finger and felt that what the crane had said was very reasonable. OK She promised in a crisp voice, Steel racking system ,Pallet rack beams, then handed the ice-sugar gourds to the mouth of the crane. "Wen he knew that the little girl wanted to expose her behavior, where would she let her go, and he opened his mouth and bit off all the remaining three ice-sugar gourds." It seems to be a bit of a good time (to eat). The crane chewed twice, ate ice-sugar gourds it, and said with a smile. Xiaoya stared in disbelief. She opened her mouth slightly and looked at the crane for a long time. Then she reacted and cried immediately. Whoo-you bully me! Xiaoya said, rubbing her eyes with tears. The crane licked the sugar residue on his lips and planned to continue deceiving the child: "Don't cry. Just stand here and don't move. I'll carry a hawthorn tree for you." "Whoo!!!" Xiaoya cried louder. Xu Rin in the side, looking at the operation of the crane were shocked. Unexpectedly. Unexpectedly, there is such a person who even deceives children. He stepped forward and put the broken silver in Xiaoya's hand. "Don't cry," he said in a gentle voice. "This money is too big to change, I want to ice-sugar gourds!" Xiaoya took the bare ice-sugar gourds string and was wronged to death. She is not to see this brother and sister dressed delicately, a look is from the city of Gyeonggi to the rich, want to secretly cheat a few strings of ice-sugar gourds! In the end, she was cheated out of her own ice-sugar gourds. Wen He had never seen a storm, and there were children crying to death in the war zone because of their injuries. She stretched out her hand and pinched Xiaoya's fat cheek gently. "Don't cry. If you cry louder, the tiger on the mountain will come to catch you." "Whoo, whoo!" Still did not stop crying, crying and retorting, "There is no tiger on the mountain." "I said yes." Wen He said in all earnestness, "You are still young. I don't know. Tigers in the mountains like to eat children who cry loudly. They can moisten their throats and brighten their voices.". ” "Hiccup!" Xiaoya immediately stopped crying and sniffed. When Xu Lin saw that the innocent little girl had been deceived by the smell of the crane, he could not bear to look at her even if he was as magnanimous as he was. He sighed and turned to one side to dig sweet potatoes. Want to eat ice-sugar gourds? Wen He took out a few coppers from nowhere. "Is this enough to buy?" Xiaoya stretched out her hand to take it. She nodded and said cleverly, "I don't want too much. Just buy two coppers." As soon as he heard this, he hid the coppers and said with a straight face, "How can you get something for nothing?" Little girl akimbo: "What do you want?" "Go and help me dig up the things in that field, and I'll give you ten." Wen He put the hoe on Xiaoya's hand, "Diligence is a habit, which should be cultivated from childhood, right?" Xiaoya was frightened by her. She grew up in the countryside. It was not difficult to dig a few things in the field, so she ran up and began to dig. Wen He sat on one side with his feet up to rest, fanning himself with his sleeves from time to time, looking leisurely and carefree. Xu Lin managed to dig out a sweet potato with his own hands. He stood up and looked at Wen He, who was cheating the child, and said, "Don't cheat her." ????? Ah ????? Rong ????? Alone ????? Home ????? The whole ????? Reason ????? "I give money and she contributes." Hearing this, he said with a smile, "It's not the way to help people for free. You have to rely on yourself." "Otherwise,Drive in racking system, what if I grow up and beg for a living like the teacher just now?" Wen He has his own set of reasons. But this sentence, to Xu Rin's mind also has a different understanding. It is not unreasonable to use this sentence in governing the country, and many local problems in the country can not be solved by blindly allocating funds and assistance. omracking.com