Sick, weak, white, moonlight, wear quickly.

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These thoughts are just a thought, Xiao Lingyin's mind has long been affected by the opposite person's frown and smile, only to see that the person's porcelain white as jade arm half exposed, the corner of the eye is actually smiling with a few tears, Xiumei gentle, slightly black eyes inclusive gentle, wise and eye-catching. Such eyes always remind him of his teacher, but this person is different. This person's eyes contain too much, always let people see too clearly, and let him can not help but guess. Yu went to Beijing to catch up with the examination in order to fulfill the dream of the elders in my family. Shen Fei smiled again and said, "At the beginning of the Yu family's independence, the ancestors were simple and kind, and they did a lot of business. The family passed it down from generation to generation. So far, it is also a well-known merchant in Suzhou.". However, most of the scholar-officials in this Dynasty were given preferential treatment, and the families in the south of the Yangtze River were all fond of poetry and books, and the foolish families also gradually developed the style of poetry and books. There are three sons and two daughters of the Yu generation. The elder brother has not been fond of reading since childhood, so he can be regarded as inheriting the family business. He has traveled all over the country and has been doing business constantly. The second brother is addicted to painting and has lost poetry. Only Yu loves poetry since childhood, and he is quite calm in reading. After years of hard study, he has achieved success in his studies. "It's just that there are so many gifted scholars in Kyoto that foolishness has long understood that the real purpose of foolishness is to join in the fun and visit the scenery." "Brother Hanshan, the mentality is really enviable." Xiao Lingyin said with a smile. I don't know what you two think? Shen Fei was having a heart-to-heart talk and asked. Xiao Lingyin hesitated for a moment before speaking out safely. What foolishness seeks is no more than an official position in the field. When Shen Fei heard this, he asked curiously, "Don't you want to stay in the capital, brother Ziyu?" I have lived in Sichuan since I was a child, and I seldom travel, so I want to enjoy the local scenery. May you walk in all directions like Ji Chang. "Brother, I have lofty aspirations." When Shen Fei heard this, he sighed. Ji Chang was the name of Liu Guan, a well-known official in the early Jin Dynasty. He was an official all his life, with many local adjustments,radio shuttle racking, Pure Brightness political style, virtuous and practical work, and was loved and welcomed by the people. When Liu Guan died, the local people saw him off when he carried the coffin back to his hometown. Walking around is naturally modest, Shen Fei naturally knows that Xiao Lingyin wants to be a good official like Liu Guan, serving the country and the people, governing the people and benefiting one side. Such an idea, in his opinion, is really rare. Literati and gifted scholars, who studied in the imperial examinations, mostly sought an official position in order to seek splendor and wealth. This is also a normal thing,Narrow aisle rack, after all, the Jin Dynasty, the only way to promote, change their family life, the best way is to study the imperial examination. Although Shen Fei was born in a rich family, he was rather bohemian and had a wide range of friends, many of whom were poor. But there are too few young scholars like Xiao Lingyin who are dedicated to practical work. What about brother Ming Zhang? Shen Fei asked again. When Ho An heard this, he said with a faint smile, "You two are not as foolish as you are. You just depend on your family." When Xiao Lingyin heard this, he was silent and did not know what to say. After going down the mountain, Xiao Lingyin took advantage of the bright sky to record what happened today one by one. The next morning, after another person on his body sobered up, he got up early to dress, washed his face and drank porridge, and then slowly read the diary recorded yesterday. When he mastered this body, he seldom made any friends. Most of them are visiting old places or reading books to find some fun. As for the night market encounter, he did not write in his diary to tell himself when he was young, and he could not explain the reason. In this body, one is a young self and the other is an old self. Sometimes, he wonders if his existence is a mistake. After all, he should have died long ago, pipe cantilever rack ,Cantilever Storage rack, instead of returning to the past and occupying his body when he was young. But he was somewhat unwilling, unwilling to accept his failure, unwilling to repeat the same mistakes as a young man, so he accepted it silently. He had never believed in gods and Buddhas, and although he was puzzled by his situation, he finally turned a blind eye to it. He could only sigh when he saw the regular script in the diary. So what? He admitted that he had chosen this temple on purpose, because he knew that the big prince of the Dynasty was practicing here. The failure of the previous life has already proved that the third prince is not a benevolent monarch. Indeed, he knew very well that when he was young, he was a big prince who disdained meekness and incompetence. He took a fancy to the three princes of the Dynasty, and later he did make the three princes emperor. Since the imperial examination, he had to be taken care of by the emperor himself, and was even praised as a prime minister. In the early years, he became famous for his literary talent. Later, as an official, he accumulated more experience, experienced the world, served as an official for the people, supported the people, and was better at making friends. Up and down the court, many people are his friends. When he entered the pavilion, he got the emperor's eyes, knew how to make letters patent, and drafted imperial edicts for the emperor. He was very popular, and his official position was constantly promoted. Finally, when the emperor died, he, together with his teachers and friends, supported three princes. This is a virtuous minister, his talent, and ascended the throne of the three princes, naturally, he also smoothly when the prime minister, but he did not expect the original power is so fascinating, and once looked at the benevolent monarch was so unsightly, he regretted. Later When the emperor died, he, together with the empress, supported the young emperor, who was only a few years old. An emperor of the Jin Dynasty once said, "I rule the world with the scholar-bureaucrats!" As a scholar, he must serve the king and govern the government. But for him at that time, the idea of loyalty to the monarch, which had been taught by teachers and praised by poetry and books, had long disappeared. When he was in power, he United the ministers in the court, set up a cabinet, and set aside the imperial power. His former close friend, a typical minister loyal to the emperor, scolded him for "being born against the bone, not qualified to be the prime minister, and failing to live up to the emperor's heart." 。 By the way, the man and himself, as well as Shen Fei, passed the Jinshi examination in the same year. They used to be such good friends. They went for an outing together. When they were officials outside, they sent poems and letters to each other to comfort each other. In the end, they gradually drifted away. Even before the man died, he scolded himself to his children, saying that he was the greatest scourge in the world and a minister who harmed the country. Actually, maybe. Maybe what he said is a little bit right. As for Shen Fei, his good friend, his capable subordinate, one of his close friends, but also because of himself, as an official outside, poisoned to death,Narrow aisle rack, and left with regret. He lost so much, so much, in exchange for that new world.