Special B King in ancient times

The three school bullies have to sit together, which is jokingly called the "triangle of death" and is not close to people.

This series of seemingly strange and strange things make Kang Long feel like he has a big head. The tetrarch is back. Tie Zhengrong and Cao Bin lifted the curtain of the tent and came in. They saw Kang Long sitting behind the table with a gloomy face and greeted him with concern. Kang Long motioned for them to sit down and said, "Zheng Rong, Guo Hua, how are you getting ready?" "Everything is in order and we can leave at dawn tomorrow." Cao Bin said, "Master, your face is very bad, did you find something bad?" Kang Long shook his head and looked at Tie Zhengrong. "Master," said Tie Zhengrong, "your subordinates have arranged it. The remaining teams were assigned to the battalions as scouts. Subordinates just went to check, each battalion and scout team cooperation is still tacit understanding. However, without the experience of war, it is impossible to achieve real close cooperation. Kang Long nodded and said, "Yes, only a soldier who has seen blood is a real soldier.". This mission will certainly enable them to work closely together. You've come at the right time, Zheng Rong. Do you know the legend of the blood sacrifice of the Demons? "Blood sacrifice?" Tie Zhengrong's stuffy face showed surprise. "Where did the tetrarch hear about the blood sacrifice?" He asked in surprise. "Oh, so you know?"? Let's talk about it. Kang Long took three sea bowls, filled them with wine, picked up a bowl, poured a mouthful, looked at them, and motioned them to drink too. The early winter in the Great Wilderness is much colder than the inland. In the inland Central Plains,Carbon in Pulp, there is no need to wear cotton-padded clothes at this time, but here, the temperature has been cold to about five degrees below zero, which can be described as freezing. Tie Zhengrong is a great master of Xuangong, not afraid of cold and heat, but Cao Bin is just a weak scholar, at this time has put on a thick cotton-padded robe, still a little rustling. Cao Bin is also not polite,small gold wash plant, picked up the wine bowl to drink a big mouthful, the strong wine gas went down along the intestinal tract, the warm warmth then came up. Tie Zhengrong is not good at drinking, but also picked up a bowl to drink a big mouthful, follow what kind of master, will raise what kind of temperament. Tie Zhengrong felt that he was unconsciously being influenced by this young master, who was only eighteen years old, to undergo some wonderful changes. Master, in fact, I don't know much, just know a little from the mouth of the ancestors. It is said that tens of thousands of years ago, Kunlun Mountain and Warcraft Mountain were not connected. At that time, between the two mountains was a vast prairie called the Mokun Prairie. On the Mokun Grassland, there are hundreds of nomads, large and small. Later, gold heap leaching ,gold shaking table, the biggest battle between Xuanyuan Emperor and Chiyou Demon God broke out in ancient times. The scale of the battle was unprecedented, and tens of thousands of races living in this mysterious continent were involved. It is said that the two ancient gods fought for a woman of mysterious origin. Originally Chiyou Demon God was about to win, but the mysterious woman found the Great Demon God and poisoned Chiyou Demon God. Chiyou Demon God did not haggle with the woman, but the fox queen, one of his four demons, was so angry that she killed the woman while Chiyou Demon God was recovering. When the Great Demon God knew it, he wounded the Fox Queen and drove her out of the Demons. In order to resurrect the woman, Chiyou Demon God used the most mysterious forbidden blood sacrifice of the Demons to sacrifice 500,000 human prisoners of war, and finally brought the woman back to life. After the resurrection, the woman knew that Chiyou Demon God had sacrificed 500,000 human prisoners of war in order to revive her. In great pain, she quietly left the Demons and disappeared from then on. Emperor Xuanyuan, however, believed that Chiyou, the Demon God, had hidden the woman. In a fit of rage, he summoned thousands of people and developed three major battle weapons. He defeated the Demons in one fell swoop, drove the Demons out of the eastern continent, and sealed the Mokun Mountains. The beautiful Mokun Grassland has disappeared since then. Kang Long and Cao Bin both heard the excitement, where to think that there was such a magical story in ancient times, especially about the most mysterious human ancestor Xuanyuan Emperor and Demon ancestor Chiyou Demon God. "That is to say, Chiyou Demon God sacrificed 500,000 human beings in order to revive the mysterious woman?" Cao Bin suddenly asked, Kang Long and Tie Zhengrong heard Cao Bin's tone is very bleak, strange to look at him, but see his face a gloomy expression. Master, did you hear something about the blood sacrifice? Could it be that the trap in front of us is related to the blood sacrifice of the Demons? Not good! Master, ten thousand horse city danger! There are hundreds of thousands of Terrans there. Do the Demons really want to sacrifice their blood? Cao Bin's face became more and more ugly. Kang Long looked at Cao Bin in surprise and was deeply shocked by his wisdom. This boy is also too fierce, only by his own words and the myths and legends told by Tie Zhengrong, he can think of the dilemma in front of him. Tie Zhengrong's face also became ugly. He is a member of an ancient sect, and naturally he knows some unknown secrets. Cao Bin's bold guess, in his view, is very likely to happen in front of him. How else to explain the sudden appearance of one hundred thousand Demons at the gates of Wanma? How to explain the six reincarnation cities that suddenly appeared on the Great Wilderness? There was one thing he hadn't told them just now. In fact, it was recorded in the ancient books of the Iron Sword Gate that the blood altar of the Demons was shaped like the oldest six reincarnations. Ordinary blood altar, only need to build a small altar according to the model of six reincarnations, and then put the sacrificial people and animals into the six, use the Demon secret art to sacrifice, you can achieve the purpose of blood sacrifice. This time, the Demons made such a big noise to build six reincarnation cities, and the scale of their sacrifice was even tens of times larger than that recorded in the classics in order to revive the mysterious woman. So what is the purpose of their blood sacrifice? It goes without saying that they want to use the six reincarnation cities for blood sacrifice to revive Chiyou, the ancient demon God of the Demons! In the ancient books and records of each school, there is a strange text at the end. The specific meaning of the text has been studied by the twelve sects for tens of thousands of years, but it has not been found out what it means. Now Tie Zhengrong is reminded by Kang Long, and suddenly I feel very clear in my heart! "The ancient city, the mottled ruins, the people of the fallen land, have never forgotten their hatred.". On that day,tin beneficiation plant, the sea of people was boundless, and at that moment, heaven and earth cried. 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com