Stealing Love + Author: Zhou Yu

The three school bullies have to sit together, which is jokingly called the "triangle of death" and is not close to people.

Li Xin nodded directly and said, "No problem. I'll give you three million yuan right away. As long as the rest is brought to me unscathed, I'll give you your account at the first time." This money, she already had in her own purse, not to mention the income of Qi Mo Southeast Asia gave her 2%, this amount alone is astronomical, what she can not afford. Hearing this, Junqi shook his head with a wry smile. He had thought that Lixin was rich, but he had never thought that he was so rich. Ten million dollars was not papyrus, but it was really like papyrus to see Lixin used. If he had known it earlier, he would have had more points. It was really difficult to get involved with her. All right, all right, you can rest here after the explanation. Junqi will find the person at the first time. Now, let's go. I'll cook your favorite sweet and sour spareribs and other dishes for you. Do you want to eat? Go, go. Xiushui see glass heart explain matters needing attention, and to find the person, smiling pull glass heart away, glass heart see this also let her go. In the room, Xiao Yun shook his head slightly and smiled bitterly at Junqi. He patted Junqi on the shoulder vigorously and said, "Brother, it's not so easy to turn back. This time it depends on your own ability." "I asked for it," said Wu Sen in a deep voice. As he spoke, he went down with Xiao Yundang first, but he was not worried about the life and death of Junqi's family, but ridiculed more than worried. Junqi smiled and went out with him. "Everything is hard to buy. I'm willing to do it. He's willing to do it. Although it's difficult, it's not that he's not sure of winning. As long as he finds someone who is very important to Lixin, he doesn't believe that Lixin is still unfamiliar with him.". Encounter time passed very quickly, now is the evening time, glass heart lying on the bed looking at the ceiling, listen to Xiushui and Xiao Yun's meaning, Jun Qi not only in Hong Kong, as if in the east of this boundary has a very high backstage,S Adenosyl Methionine, so dare to compete with Qi Mo, since it is really good to have strength, can find out before Qi Mo, this is a great good thing. I hope Jun-ki won't let her down. Feeling that the future is slightly bright, Lixin can not help but close his eyes to sleep with a smile, the clock ticking past, the hands have pointed to three o'clock in the middle of the night. Li Xin turned left and right, and really couldn't sleep. She sat up with a somersault and beat her two heads hard. What's the matter? She never had insomnia, and she didn't know she had the characteristic of recognizing the bed. Touch the side of the bed, very soft and warm, but just can't sleep,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, Li Xin extremely want to sleep, but just can't sleep, always feel wrong, uncomfortable. Is the temperature too high, Li Xin frowned to 20 degrees, this is appropriate, and soon shivering cold, not the temperature, not the bed, nor do not want to sleep, this is how in the end? Li Xin sat on the bed with a depressed face. What was wrong. Staring at the empty half of the bed around her, Li Xin slightly understood that the bed was too big, that there was one less person, that there was one less person around her, one less taste, one less broad chest, and one less pestering her as a pillow. Glass heart suddenly black line, staring at the spacious bed for a long time, glass heart lamented, do you have the tendency of masochism, why used to the steel-like body, used to the faint body odor, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Kava Root Extract, is really too much, glass heart thought clearly, see can not sleep also do not sleep, directly climbed up, walked outside. On the top of the willows, a bright moon hung in the air, shining on the earth. Lixin lay on the edge of the dark balcony, holding her head and looking at the bright moon in the sky. When did she lose sleep in her life? She could sleep anywhere. Today is the first time in twenty years. Blame Qi Mo, he was oppressed into a habit, Qi Mo is not in the Qi family, and the smell of the bed lingers, do not feel that there is anything inappropriate, now she can not sleep well, when to go back, must settle accounts with Qi Mo, all blame him, Li Xin thought not to shake his fist. Under the moonlight, a dark shadow in front of the glass heart suddenly flashed, clinging to the corner and climbing towards the villa. The glass heart, who was waving his fist, was just scanned by the corner of his eye. Suddenly, he quietly withdrew his hand and still hid in the dark, looking at the sneaky man in front of him. One, two, three, glass heart look carefully, unexpectedly latent in more than a dozen people, glass heart immediately picked eyebrows, what to do, just slip out from Qi Mo that place, ready to be quiet, how to meet these things again, Xiushui when they are also involved with these risks. Silent, Li Xin so hiding in the dark watching, have the ability to cause trouble will have the ability to put out the fire, listen to Xiao Yunzao that, this must have something to do with him, this person is really going to make trouble. By the moonlight, glass heart to see people under the wall, is carefully arranged what, look at the glass heart immediately frowned, is explosives, people are arranging explosives, glass heart immediately tightly clenched his fist, why no matter where can not be quiet, the moment quietly back to the body, toward the balcony of the next room to slip away, Wu Sen, Jun Qi she can ignore, It's better to remind Xiushui. The moonlight shines on the earth as bright as water, and just as her room balcony and Xiushui's room balcony are not within the scope of the moonlight, the glass heart quickly turned over from the adjacent balcony, watching a shadow also turned up, the glass heart suddenly stopped and fell behind the shadow. The shadow gently pushed open the landing doors and windows, very carefully toward the inside, the glass heart is close, see the shadow in front of him pulled out a gun, the glass heart immediately followed closely, completely hiding his breath, like a cat fell behind the shadow. Bang, very slight, very slight sound, even the Xiushui on the bed has not been awakened, Lixin clasped with one hand and was hit on the back of the head by his own gun. The body of the man who fainted down was gently placed on the ground. While quickly throwing himself on the Xiushui bed, he covered Xiushui's mouth with one hand and said in a very low voice: "Don't move." Xiushui was awakened in his sleep, and before he could struggle, he heard the voice of Lixin, and immediately relaxed. Lixin grabbed Xiushui and pulled it under the bed. At the same time,Thyroid Powder Factory, the door of the room rang softly and opened in the dark. Glass heart immediately a frown, a reverse pressure Xiushui two people overlap to sleep together, glass heart a press Xiushui's mouth and nose.