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The three school bullies have to sit together, which is jokingly called the "triangle of death" and is not close to people.

"The professional suit is said to be the equipment worn by the gods when they fought, and of course, it is also said that the gods were specially built for the first lower race." Wait, the lower race? I looked at the old man doubtfully, "the lower race?" "Stupid, that is, elves, dwarves, dwarfs, dragons, human races!" "The old man chuckled and looked like an idiot." Elves, dwarves? Why didn't I see it? I've seen dragons before, and I even bought one myself. After listening to my question, the old man was stunned, then shook his head with a wry smile and raised a strange expression. Hey! Now the land of Tesi is the world of human beings! Spirit Alas! Suddenly, Julia's words came to her mind. "Oh, he's still here. I thought he had already returned to Elvish Paradise." It was an unintentional remark made by Julia when I spoke to her about Carter. Then Julia denied it and said, "Oh, that's a joke for old friends in our time. It means death. It has nothing to do with elves." Carefully, I suppressed my guess that I had heard the words elves and dwarves more than once. Even personally killed an alien BOSS! So, is Elf Paradise Elf's Paradise? Still I looked into Mr. Carter's eyes and asked slowly. The old man was stunned, his face changed in an instant, and finally became expressionless. "That is indeed the last paradise of the elves, the resting place of the elves." "Do only elves have elf paradise?" I foolishly made the final decision. Ha ha,Theobromine Powder, little guy, of course. Do you think it's a restaurant that anyone can enter? Only the elves in their twilight years can enter and enjoy their last old age. Teacher Carter laughed, and the melancholy in his eyes flashed away. My heart began to beat violently, and I had to believe that Mr. Carter, who looked more like the legendary dwarf in front of me, was actually a long-lived and extremely handsome man. Spirit. Looking into Carter's eyes, thoughts flew to the distant Aytin, the face of Julia and the friendship with old witches like Kasha, well,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, and Carter. I'm sure Julia is an elf, too. How interesting Julia, as an elf, can fully explain why she has the wrath of the Snow God, and why she has such a powerful momentum. Teacher, I see. Sorry to bother you. A slight bow to the dying elf-my camouflage, which is said to come from the elves, explains why Carter looks like a dwarf. I hope the teacher is happy. Then, ignoring Carter's slight surprise, I turned and left, Kasha! I'm going to the witch Kasha! Perhaps, the gears of fate have really begun to turn. Read and download the novel in Bubble Book Bar. Update the novel super fast. More: The latest chapter of the novel online game, Dragon Slayer, "Chapter 88 The Gears of Destiny", was uploaded by netizens and has been updated. 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The task of the game is nothing more than three types, the plot task, also known as the main task, which is based on the setting of the game world, runs through the history and background of the whole game. General quests, also known as branch quests, generally speaking, such quests are mostly found in novice villages, and rewards are mostly experience, game currency and reputation, of course, it is also possible to get equipment. Moreover, most of these tasks can be repeated, and there are fixed NPC dedicated to issue. Random tasks, without fixed conditions, are completely random, the so-called encounter is not as good as chance encounter. For example, helping to guard the village in Mink village is a random task. As for the hidden tasks, these are just a popular saying. Tasks received under unknown conditions are generally deliberately exaggerated-in fact, any NPC endowed with intelligence may be able to tell the player to do certain events, of course, the trigger conditions are completely confidential, with great randomness-I prefer to believe that NPC tasks are based on weather and mood. All of the above tasks have the same thing in common, that is, there are system prompts! For example, if so-and-so asks you to help him find something, would you like to? Wait But what about all these whirlpools that dude got caught up in? The system didn't give me a shit! Not to mention whether there is really a history in the mouth of those NPCs, even under the threat of the fat man, I have read all the game information and never believed that there are any elves and dwarves in this game! Know, the general game, the player in addition to the choice of occupation can also choose the race-as long as the race exists, anyway, is a magical world, everyone looks like that on the line, no matter what race occupation in the game, offline still back to the prototype. Depressed! I watched the players coming and going in the street and the real houses and NPCs, all busy writing their own destinies. For the first time in my life, I had the thought of fear-am I a ***ing NPC? If you don't eat and don't get off the line, what is not an NPC? "Hey, buddy, are you in a daze?" A player who was chatting with the NPC aunt on the street and wanted to get some tasks out saw me staring at him all the time. After checking himself up and down, he came to me and waved his hand. His face was a little unhappy. Suddenly back to God, only to find their own gaffe, hurriedly accompanied by a smiling face, "Hey, sorry, distracted,D BHB Factory, distracted, brother you continue, I wish you received a hidden task." Laughing and walking away quickly.