Original Runelite developer Adam runescape

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Original Runelite developer Adam1210 shared his thoughts on Reddit commenting that allowing Runelite HD to continue would be a net benefit for future updates made by Jagex OSRS Gold.

"I strongly disagree with adding it to the "third group guidelines," Adam1210 said. "Most of these guidelines are trying to determine where the line between [quality living] and cheating is and I'm of the opinion that most people would agree that the current guidelines provide a clear example of this, and it is a good way to keep sic the game integrity.

But there isn't an disadvantage in any way for improved graphics and it only affects you when you turn it on. Thus, it's an infringement of guidelines. It's an inconvenience for everyone concerned and I hope Jagex could reconsider."

Some fans of Runelite HD have taken to the streets. Runelite HD project have taken to a town square in Falador the capital city of one of Runescape's main kingdoms. They are holding an unofficial sit-in similar to the protest World of Warcraft gamers held the month of July. The players can be seen in the video below, posting text dialogue criticizing Jagex for their decision, and hashtags such as #Free117. Another video shows players "marching" in front of Falador Square.

A couple of years in the past, something bizarre began to happen in a game known as Old School RuneScape. In the beginning, there were numerous new players playing the game, and they were all acting in the same manner. They were playing for hours carrying out the same task repeatedly. In addition to killing green dragons, they were the harvesting of gold osrs accounts. They killed more green dragons, and harvesting gold.


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