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As of February 27, 2022, Pokemon Legends: Arceus received an update titled "Dawn." The new Pokemon Legends: Arceus Daybreak offers new content for those who have completed the main story. Some of the new features include a new berry harvest at Jubilife Village, more trainers to fight at the training ground, and some post-match requests. One of the features in the Daybreak update is the new Mass Mass Outbreak.

The massive outbreak in Pokemon legend: Arceus refers to the discovery of a type of Pokemon in an area of ​​Huisui. Typically, a group of 15 Pokemon will appear in each outbreak, but Massive Mass outbreaks go a step further. Before the Dawn update, there was only one Pokemon outbreak per region. Massive Mass Outbreaks can occur simultaneously in a region with multiple outbreaks. To get them, the player must first complete some quests.

How to Unlock Massive Outbreaks

The massive mass outbreak was locked down after a request made by Mai of the Diamond Family. Players will need to see the end credits for Pokemon Legends: Arceus before the request is available.

Once this is done, visit Obsidia Wilderness and transfer to Highland Camp. Talk to Mai and her Munchlax to activate Request 95: New Anomaly, then head to the target marker on Ramanas Island. There, players will encounter a group of Zorua, who are not Pokemon living in the Obsidian Fields. Players can grab them or leave them, but the next step is to return to Mai at Camp Highland. This will prompt the trainer to report to Cyllene in Jubilife Village, who has dubbed the new phenomenon a "massive outbreak". Players will then start requesting 96: Mass Outbreak in the Wild.

On the map, Pokemon's faces do not show massive outbreaks. In its place is a question mark icon. There will be heavy rain/snow during a large outbreak, check the map to indicate the location of the outbreak. Once a question mark breakout is identified, multiple question mark icons become Pokemon Outbreak icons.

Mass outbreaks continue as long as it rains/snows (Alabaster Iceland). Players will be notified as they wander the area, indicating how long the outbreak will last.

After investigating the two large outbreaks in the wild, report to May that large outbreaks will start appearing in the wild. Requirement 97-101, which will be distributed after completing Requirement 96, asks players to investigate a massive mass outbreak in the remaining areas of Emerald. You can Buy Shiny Pokemon PLA.

How to Trigger a Massive Mass Outbreak

For a massive mass outbreak to happen, just go in and out of Jubilife Village.

Go to the front door.
If Ress (doorman) does not mention reports of a large outbreak, select any region of Hisui (Fieldlands, Mirelands, Highlands, Coastlands or Icelands).
Speak with Ravington to return to Jubilee Village.
If Ress still has no reports of a large outbreak, head to the front door again and repeat the process. Ultimately, he'll mention massive outbreaks.
This is the same way that regular Pokemon outbreaks occur.

Remember that a large outbreak is indicated by a question mark icon. If the icon that appears when you select an area has Pokemon, then it's a regular mass outbreak.

More on Massive Mass Outbreaks

It is recommended that players who like shiny hunting continue to try large-scale outbreaks. If research level and shiny charm are not taken into account, the shiny rate of a large burst is 1/315.

Because massive bursts are timed, it's easier to catch Pokemon in bursts than to fight them. Notice the message about the outbreak in the top center of the screen. If the news indicates that the weather is starting to clear, players may be able to visit another outbreak in the area before the massive massive outbreak ends. You can Buy BDSP Held Items here.

Bring Super Balls, Stealth Spray, and Sticky Balls before facing a massive outbreak. Mud balls, snowballs, and spoiled apricots are not as effective as sticky balls, but they are great if the player doesn't have enough materials to craft items that can stun Pokemon.

Finally, unlike regular mass outbreaks, it is possible for a mass outbreak to have alpha Pokemon. A burst with a "gold background" behind the Pokemon icon indicates a special burst. Clearing these will result in another burst, which could be an Alpha Pokemon burst.

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Be careful with the outbursts of Alpha Pokemon, as they are harder to catch and more dangerous than regular Pokemon. It's best to stay undetected when approaching an alpha outbreak, so use smoke creams and stealth sprays to reduce the chance of detection.

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