What's a Helical Pier Foundation?

They've actually been around for more than 2 centuries and have been used to support all kinds of structures, that ranges from lighting houses to huge solar power farms.

Renewable energy demand throughout the United States has steadily increasing over the last decade. The year 2020 saw renewable power such as solar and wind made up 12 percent of overall U.S. energy consumption. I'm sure that we'll all be in agreement that we can all agree on the one point at a minimum renewable energy will be around for a while, and the demand for it will only grow.

In spite of the need for renewable energy, it is without its drawbacks. While we could utilize renewable energy sources such as solar and wind to produce electricity, you'll require infrastructure to be able to the process foundation repair Utah. You can't just put an wind turbine on the side of a hill or put an solar panel in an area and declare it accomplished.

Renewable energy is one reason why it can have huge construction requirements. Here's a list of the infrastructure requirements for renewable energy:

Occasionally lots of frustrations.

  • Solar panel foundations
  • Foundations of wind turbines
  • Transmission lines
  • Collector Substations
  • Equipment to control and command (sensors, transmitters computers)
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems, to store power generated by the battery
  • Microgrids
  • The list goes on...

from wind turbines to solar panels to transmission and storage of energy Helical piers are able to be used to support all the renewable energy sources

The entire infrastructure must be supported by sturdy foundations. The most frequently-recommended solutions have been h-pile beams or concrete piers. They've served the needs of our society however they're not the ideal solution. They're not without limitations, tensions, and occasionally lots of frustrations.

Venture on an better, faster and better foundation.

This is why the market is booming for an additional Utah helical piles tech expanding exponentially in the field of renewable construction. This type of foundation can be (often)faster to construct, less expensive and eco-friendly as compared to concrete piers and h-piles.

Take a look at the Helical Pier Foundation, a ground-breaking foundation that's more than 200 years old, and is now ready to place your renewable venture on an better, faster and better foundation.

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Helical piers aren't an entirely novel or unique foundation technology. They've actually been around for more than 2 centuries and have been used to support all kinds of structures, that ranges from lighting houses to huge solar power farms.