Topic: The ESL writer's guide to using colons and semi-colons in essay writing | 2021 Guide

The semicolon is a punctuation mark that can help to connect two independent clauses

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Firstly you need to understand what a colon is and what a semicolon it is used to create a link between two sentences to convey the meaning. It is represented by “;”.


Then, a colon is a punctuation mark that usually comes after an independent clause and it should be followed by phrases, words, lists as well as calluses. It appears like this “:”.


Usually, semicolons are used when you are writing complex sentences or the tax that is meant for highly academic purposes. When talking about essay writing, it appears in writing an paper writing service or some other content-oriented tasks that need bulk of information in an organized manner. If you are looking forward to how to use a semicolon I can help to connect the snitches such as


This is a good book; it has many illustrations.




My mother is sick; she is going through a very hard time.


Usually, a semicolon is important to keep the context of the sentence in a single row and connected and it adds to the coherence in the sentences.


Then, colons usually come after independent clauses as well as you put colons after the quotation marks when followed up by a sentence. A simple example of a colon is, he defined “Leo”: One of the bravest as well as the courageous man in the state. When you are writing a list of a series then you are required to put a colon such as.  


The series are:


55, 22. 99 and 100.


In another example, colon ca be used to define the order such as


He visited the following places:


The crystal palace


Fountain Park




Adventure Course.



So, there is a clear difference between both colon and semicolon and one should not mix up the two. Always make sure to use colons and semicolons because there are a lot of students who avoid using this punctuation because of the fear of mistakes and it is wrong. We all learn from mistakes so always make sure to use the punctuation marks whenever required as it can help to add to the meaning of the text. 



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