How to Write an Observation Essay | 2021 Guide

Before start writing the essay, you have to follow some steps. Here are some steps that every essay writer should follow and write a good observation essay.

How to Write an Observation Essay | 2021 Guide



An observation essay is a unique type of essay. This essay is a creative piece of writing. A  college essay gives notes and you can observe something like an event, concept, person, etc. In an observation essay, an essay writer describes everything as vividly as possible.


The observation essay is a piece of investigation. Observation essay provide a sensory experience to the readers. 


The structure of the observation essay is the same as other essays. It includes three parts:



  • Introduction
  • Main Body
  • Conclusion



To write a great observation essay, you have to observe everything. You should also observe sounds, smells, and sensations around your observation paper topic. Take proper notes that will help you in writing a great observation essay.


Observation essay improves two skills, i.e., to observe and to write. You can take help from the (domain) if you want to write a great essay. For writing a good observation essay, you need strong observation skills. You can also consult the write my college essay   if you face any difficulty in the essay writing phase.



Start to Observe


First, you have to observe and notice everything around you. Observe how things work, sound smells, etc. Do not focus on one single thing or person. Try to observe everything in detail.


Take Notes


Now, take notes of everything that you observe. This part is necessary for a good observation essay.


Through this, you can easily write a successful essay and don’t need to worry about how  write essay for me.


Do not forget to write any main thing in the notes. Try to write down information in chronology. It would be easier for you later when you proceed to  write.


Create an Outline


Write the essay outline, and follow it in every phase. An essay outline is like a map that helps from the beginning to the end of the essay. Without the essay outline, you cannot write a good essay. All the professional essay writers create the outline first and then start writing the essay. Remember that the observation essay must write in the present tense.


Write the Introduction


The introduction part starts the essay. It should be attention-grabbing. Start the essay with an interesting hook and give the background information about the topic. Describe the overview of the topic and not write it in detail. State the thesis statement in the introduction section. It describes the main purpose of the essay.  


Write the Main Body


In this section, write the complete detail about the topic. Write all the information in the right order. Make it clear for the readers that they can easily understand your essay.  


Write the Conclusion


In the conclusion part, conclude the essay and put all the main points. Do not write long sentences in the conclusion part. It is the final part of your essay, making it interesting and encouraging the readers to do further research on the topic.  


Proofread and Editing


When you stop writing the essay, take a small break, and then start the proofreading. Check the grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary mistakes. Delete the sentences that no longer need and vague to the readers. Remove the plagiarized content and make sure that your essay is free from all the mistakes. For proofreading, you can take help from the essay writing service writers. Simply send your essay to them, and their expert proofreaders can make your essay error-free.   




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