5 Travel Diary Apps for Avid Travellers

The following are the best travel diary apps that will help you document your next trip digitally.

Have you ever thought that capturing and sharing your tour journey can be done digitally? Yes, it is possible by using travel diary apps. Today, these apps have become the preferred choice of passionate travellers to share their travel stories with loved ones. Nowadays, no one likes to spend every second or a minute documenting their traveling experience or click plenty of photos to get one that can be Insta-worthy. While using this kind of app, you’ll feel as if you’re writing your diary in real-time. You can keep your family and friends in the loop while enjoying your vacation.

The following are the best travel diary apps that will help you document your next trip digitally.

  1. Trotter It

This is the best travel diary app for users looking for a brilliant way to manage their travel diary exceptionally and post & share their travel experiences, photos, stories, and videos around the world.

And this is not the only best part!

Trotter It is user-friendly and free to use. It can be your ideal companion on every journey. Hence, no more technology can prove better than this for recording your travel stories and sharing them with your followers with all information possible.

  1. Bonjournal

Offline use is a key factor that makes this app highly recommended. Users can select and organize photos offline and upload them when they get internet access. The printed copy of the diary can also be shared with loved ones.

  1. Diaro

Designed specifically for Android, this app features an easy-to-use interface that allows users to keep track of their daily life. From events, thoughts, and feelings, to secrets, anything can be recorded in Diaro.

  1. Tripcast

Unlike other apps, Tripcast allows users to combine their efforts with fellow partners by combining feeds and albums. The family and friends also have to download this app to see uploaded photos and comments.   

  1. Travel Diaries

Featuring extremely customizable layouts, the Travel Diaries app allows users to document information related to places and insert maps and photos. Information added in this app can be kept private or shared with family and friends. On top of that, the app automatically converts entries into a printable blog.

What are you waiting for? Don’t want time to fade your unforgettable memories.  Download any of the above-mentioned travel diary apps and capture your adventures and marvelous moments to be shared with family and friends.