This kinda reminds me of Harry Potter's chocolate

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point is world of warcraft isn't the kind of WOW TBC Gold product or service who's price is determined or justified by production costs in reality, they design the game and the systems to enable players to play the game in a way that they are able to realistically charge whatever they like and be within their right to do so. There is no firearm to your head, and you always have the option to just not buy it.

It is false. Tap water is recycled, and not spring water. It may also contain fluoride and chlorine. The best thing to do is to have 5 gallon containers delivered of a good spring water and the company will collect them and fill them up.

But, I am curious about the cost of maintaining the additional servers and the development tools needed for this, and the support teams for everything that is to come.

Everyone pretends that all this is free, and Blizzard is asking us to pay. It is not.

Imagine it this in this way. Support was always available to assist you with every version of WoW. Then you introduce classic. While it's likely to increase the workload, it adds a lot of new stuff. We are now adding tbc....once and again, increasing the support roll for teams who need to help support it.

This kinda reminds me of Harry Potter's chocolate frog card. It would be really cool if they decide to not sell physical copies of games, it was possible to have an app for your phones or smart glasses that let you look at your game collection as this. They won't be a burden on your space and could be made to incorporate collector's items. Are you sure it's a cool idea? Or am I just way too optimistic?

Both are the same, but there are two distinctions. It isn't possible to enter the dark portal to the outlands, and we can't reach the level 70 zone until TBC is available. Many are looking forward to this pre-patch due to the two new races and the talent changes, new professions, etc. There is a lot of work to be done and also new information to be released prior to when TBC is released.

I was not able to be able to pull this many and cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold juggle them so effectively however I do remember working ZG trash solo with my mage and earning decent gold, pulling just a few packs at a time and doing it the old fashioned blizzard kiting way.

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