Bring A Dds, Poison Him His First Form

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Ok so I am going to start playing RS gold again a little because that pk update is going to be published, and I am selling my wii so I won't have a sport system for a while. So I logged in my main consideration (zammadothix) and I have 68m value of things on him, and he is 128 battle, but has 75 summoning. So then I logged onto my level 88 rune pure (gielinor kin), and all he has is a whip, 300k, some rune armor, berserker helm, couple of glories, d scimmy etc, etc..

However he also has only 4 summoning, barrows gloves, 84 power (plan on getting 85 today perhaps ), 73 attack (gonna get 75), and only 45 defense. So since I'm only starting back to pk fairly much, I decided that I'll use gielinor kin rather than zammadothix. I left gielinor kin manhood, but it has been a real long time since I played on him, or in any respect. So I really want some help with earning money. So are the aviansies, which I can not stand killing anyhow.

Plus I've 45 defense so that I can't do them on gielinor kin without prayer potions that's costly. Then I thought about black dragons, but I would have to use way too much ammo murdering them since I am only 72 ranged. I really could use the dragon halberd but that could simply take forever. I then thought about selling all of my stuff, purchasing mage gear and runes, and going to kill metal paintings, but I do not need to risk all my stuff and have a shot at getting nothing. I really only need to make money with combat, since I'm not interested in training almost any ability except for battle him, and that I certainly am not planning to collect raw materials, its way too boring and does not raise any skills. With Buy old school runescape gold that said, do you guys have any recommendations for earning money? I believed making tele tabs was a really interesting idea that I got off the official forums but I'm not positive if it is a good money maker. So yeah I want ideas.


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