Using the Salesforce Service Cloud Console, make your agent more effective.

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One major issue that any Salesforce user faces on the lightning service console is the number of people using the service simultaneously. This makes the space crowded and choking. If this is your biggest nightmare as a business owner, then do not worry.  


In this article, we will provide some tips to overcome this problem. Salesforce Development services have developed a service cloud console that helps your support team track unresolved client issues faster. This not only saves a lot of time but also provides a better service to your clients, thus making them happy, which means surely they will bring more clients to your business. So let’s learn about this exciting tool in detail.     

Why is Service Cloud Console needed?

Today, in digitalization, there are various channels through which a client can register their grievances to your representatives. These channels may increase your complaints registering capacity but can be problematic to manage by the agents. Sometimes, there may need to be a proper solution available in their system.  


Still, with the help of Salesforce development companies in USA, an agent can find the optimum solutions in no time. This will enhance the client's experience and make them happy with your service.  

Features of Service Cloud 

Split View Console 

The main objective of the Salesforce Cloud console is to access data quickly, which helps them to provide uninterrupted services to your clients. To facilitate this, the developer at Salesforce has come up with a Split view. This site panel pop-up has all information that will be needed by your agents while working. They can navigate everything they need with the help of this split view without getting away from their workspace. 


Workspace Tab and sub Tab

We all know how difficult it becomes to have various tabs on our desktops. To resolve the navigation issue among tabs and make things more practical, Salesforce Development Services have come up with this innovative drop-down menu for tabs and sub-tabs.  


Before switching to any technology, it is advisable to have a thorough analysis because every business is unique and needs an innovative and unique solution to provide better services to its clients. Algoworks, a leading Salesforce Consultant, can help your business select the best Salesforce tool to skyrocket your business.