The Different Types Of Lifting & Rigging Tags Used For Worksites

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Lifting and rigging tags are essential safety equipment for workers in the construction and mining industries. These tags can be used to identify individual workers, equipment, and materials, and ensure that they are being lifted in a safe and correct manner. This article will discuss the different types of lifting & rigging tags used for worksites and give you a glimpse into their features.



Types of Lifting Tags


There are a variety of different lifting Rig tags available on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. Let's take a look at the four most common types:


  1. Conventional Tag system – A conventional tag system uses physical markers to assign individuals or equipment to specific locations on a worksite. This type of tag typically includes a metal plate that is attached to an individual worker’s clothing or equipment and contains information such as the worker’s ID number and job title. The tags can then be scanned by automated devices during

workplace inspections to verify the accuracy of the data and identify any potential safety hazards.


  1. RFID Tag system – An RFID tag system uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to automatically track the movements of an individual or piece of equipment in a worksite. These tags usually include a small chip that contains information about the object, such as its serial number or manufacturer’s name.


  1. As each tagged item is moved throughout a workplace, an associated reader can acquire this information and store it on computer memory for later use. This type of tagging can provide managers with valuable insights


Inspection tags are an important part of property management, and they can help to ensure that you're fully compliant with all the local regulations. They can also help to identify any potential hazards or security issues on your property.

When choosing inspection tags, be sure to select ones that correspond with your specific needs and requirements. Some common types of inspection tags include fire safety Tags for buildings, tags for food premises, and HACCP Tags for food handling facilities.

Once you have selected your tag(s), it is important to apply them properly in order not only to increase safety but also compliance with local regulations.


You should have quarterly inspection tags on your scaffold to indicate that it is undergoing an inspection. You should also have safety tags to identify the location where the scaffold cannot be operated and out of service tags if there are any problems with the scaffold.


Scaffolds and safety tags come in different shapes, colors, and sizes to comply with various regulatory requirements. Safety tags should be brightly colored so that they are easily visible from a distance. They should also have clearly marked letters or digits that correspond to the applicable hazard symbol. Do Not Operate tags can also include instructions on how workers must not operate the equipment while it is tagged in this way.


A scaffold tag is a type of safety tag that warns workers not to operate the equipment while the tags are in place. Scaffold tags should be placed on every piece of machinery that employees will be working around, and they should also be fitted with Do Not Operate (DNO)tags. The DNO tags list all of the hazards associated with operating the machine, so employees know exactly what to avoid when working near it.


If you're looking for a tag that is both stylish and functional, then the Isolation Tag may be perfect for you. This 75x150mm black/orange tag has an 8mm brass grommet hole that makes it ideal for use with hanging wires or line cords. In addition to its practicality, this tag also looks great on your products!





Based on the various types of lifting and rigging, it is quite clear that ladders are used in almost every type of worksite. Nowadays, we can find specialized lifts for many uses to make our worksites safer and more efficient.


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