Tempting Staple Food in North Korea

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Rice, cake, noodles, porridge and battercake are staple food in the Korean diet. Today, I will give you more details about the staple food in the North Korea and let you have a further understanding of these foods.

Usually, rice in the North Korea can be made of millet, rice, naked barley, yellow rice and sorghum rice.

Cake is the main food for 18moa Korean to celebrate festivals and entertain guests. It is also one of the favorite main foods for local residents. There are about more than 50 types of cakes in accordance with different recipes and ingredients. The way to make glutinous rice cakes is as follows. First, steam glutinous rice; then cut a chunk of glutinous rice into pieces. Dip bean flour, bean noodles, sesame seeds or honey before eating it.

Cakes made of rice vermicelli can also be divided to many types. Puff pastry can be made as the following methods. First, mix rice flour with boiled water; then put fillings into the flour to wrap into different shapes like moon or shell; finally, put these cakes on bamboo steamers that are covered with pine needles and steam them. We can use jujubes, chestnuts, sesame and green beans to make fillings.

There is another way to use rice vermicelli make cakes. Sprinkle little water on the rice flour or sticky rice flour; then mix them evenly. Later, put the mixed flour into bamboo steamers and steam them.

Battercakes can also be divided to many types according to their ingredients and recipes. Cold noodles in the North Korea have the distinctive style, too. People in the North Korea have the habit of eating cold noodles on the fourth day of the first month. They think that eating the long cold noodles on this day can help them live to be a hundred. Thus, the cold noodles are also called long-life noodles.

There are wheat noodles, buckwheat noodles, starch noodles, corn noodles and so on in the North Korea. In the southern part which is fertile in wheat, people usually eat wheat noodles. However, the favorite noodles for people are buckwheat noodles. Cold noodles in Pyongyang are made of buckwheat, which taste sweet and sour.