Seoul - South Korea's Soul

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Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is by far the country's largest city populated by over 10 million people. Moreover, it is considered the nation's center of culture-a culture that has been cultivated for 600 years.

The plane going to 18moa Seoul will land you at the futuristic Incheon International Airport, situated 52 kilometers west of the city. Taking you to the city itself, a taxi or a bus can be your option. The latter is the best option for most travelers as it runs directly to Seoul and will cost less.

Once you are settled in, keeping in mind you have exchanged enough money into Won, it is now time to explore the city. Choose your mode of transportation-subway, bus, or taxi-that will suit your budget and your schedule, as traffic jams are common in this city. As a tourist, getting around will be quite difficult if there is a language barrier. The solution: the Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) taxis where the drivers speak English and accept US dollars if you opt to pay in that currency.

During the day:
* If you are a fan of market shopping, Insadong should be in your checklist. It is the touristiest place that boasts of its art galleries and shops, as well as traditional tea and coffee shops.
* If exploration of history is your interest, go visit Gyeongbok-gung, the grandest palace of Seoul. It had been the seat of power for centuries during the time that the city was made South Korea's capital. More historical facts and artifacts can be explored in the National Palace Museum and the National Folk Museum.
* If fun-filled theme park is your kind of treat, Lotte World is the place to be. It is one of the world's largest indoor amusement parks. Rides, skating rink, and parades await you. For a mellow experience, check out the folk museum to immerse yourself in ancient Korean life.

During the night:
* Hongdae, a bar district, is well known for Catchlight Club for hip hoppers, Jokerred for house music lovers, and Luxury for the karaoke singers.
* Sinchon, on the other hand, offers a calmer feel as it is more known as a shopping district. But it boasts of JJ Mahoney in Grand Hyatt Hotel where the in-crowd and the who's who can be seen.

Whatever it is you feel like doing-shopping, sight seeing, dining, or clubbing-you will never forget that you are immersed in Seoul's rich culture.