WoW Classic producer under the name of Aggrend on WoW's official

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Blizzard Explains the Reasons WoW Classic Server Imbalance Is Such A Tricky Issue To Address

Blizzard has released a long response to a forum discussion about Burning Crusade Classic and World of Warcraft Classic server issues as well as confirming that there will be a "live chat" discussion with the game's community on the issue is expected within the next few days buy WoTLK Gold.

The forum reply, written by an WoW Classic producer under the name of Aggrend on WoW's official WoW community council's forum, dives into how Blizzard approaches free character transfers, server merges and server merges. According to Aggrend this issue, it's an extremely complex one without a "silver bullet" solution. She writes"that "player spread across the realms of WoW is one of the most complex of, ifn't the most complicated problems that WoW Classic faces."

"There's an unorthodox solution to this problem, as different people want different things, and a myriad of obvious solutions have non-obvious consequences," Aggrend writes.

Server imbalances don't belong in Burning Crusade Classic or WoW Classic. Many stories have circulated for years about certain servers in the old-fashioned MMORPGs being populated by close to 90% Horde players, or and vice versa. Oftentimes when a server looks to be controlled by a particular faction, guilds on the opposing faction and rather than suffer buy WoW WoTLK Classic Gold, opt to switch to a server with an improved balance of population. This is particularly true for PvP servers in which a healthy fight between factions is crucial to the server's success.