Although Blizzard did allow free transfer

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"In the above example it is clear that doing something good-faithful to help the 20% who are unhappy could have actually hurt more people than it helped," Aggrend writes buy WoTLK Gold. "This is part of the issue, which is why it makes us to spend a significant amount of time to consider factors before taking any actions that impact the population of realms and the balance of factions."

Although Blizzard did allow free transfer of characters for certain Burning Crusade Classic servers in November 2021. Aggrend goes on to admit that the situation could have been more clearly communicated, and that Blizzard could have allowed free transfer of characters on specific servers earlier.

Other players have pushed for low population servers to be merged and, although it seems simple on paper, Aggrend says that WoW has never combined servers. That's for a number of reasons, ranging from players losing their unique names to merging that destroys the unique community of a server. Blizzard, Aggrend writes, dislikes any plan which would force a significant group of players to perform something they wouldn't like to do, as is the case with server mergers.

Aggrend states that the issue is one that is huge, and is too much for a forum discussion. The team is planning to host an interactive chat session in conjunction with WoW Classic players to discuss WoW Classic group to discuss about server instability and other issues. Aggrend writes that more details regarding the community chat will be revealed in the coming weeks.

The issue of imbalanced servers and merges isn't a unique issue to WoW Classic. Amazon's MMO World of Warcraft has also struggled with the issue and the game has recently starting to integrate low-population servers into one another cheap WoW WoTLK Classic Gold.

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