The hands to face rule changed a couple madden 23

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Second, if the helmet hits excessively in the preseason period, you can dial it back during the regular season. This often occurs when new rules are in place Mut 23 coins.

The hands to face rule changed a couple of years ago. In the trenches, it was common to be allowed to punch defenders within the helmet (more than the facemask) provided you took off your hand from the face as soon as contact was made. If you remained with your hands on the helmet or facemask longer than an hour, it was punishable. Also, if your blow from the punch to the helmet brutally snapped the defender's head It was a felony.

In 2015 to basically "any contact with the helmet is considered to be a violation," it was flagged five to seven times a game in the preseason during the trenches. Most of the time, it was along the offensive line.

I remember receiving a call from my brother following the first game in their preseason. multiple flags were thrown against his team for this violation and He was furious. He was playing against a less defensive team and when he decides to punch his chest, the hands rise naturally up and make brief contact with helmets of defenders. This was not previously a problem however now it has been. We were all concerned it would fundamentally alter the play of offensive linemen.

When the regular season began, these calls went away in a flash. I'm pretty sure Mitch was not penalized for one of them during the entire season madden 23 coins buy. They were rarely implemented as per the rulebook . In addition, any incidental contact to the helmet was ignored as an offense. A blow directly to the helmet was allowed and games in the trenches did not have to be fundamentally changed.