Belly Button Rings Break The Age ioijournal

Belly button rings were once thought of as a teen thing, but that is no longer the case.

Belly button rings have been popular since the early nineties, especially among the under twenty set. At one point, teen girls were getting their navels pierced more often than their ears. Today that has not changed. Teen girls still love their belly button rings, but more and more often you're seeing them pop up on the thirty and older set as well.

ioijournal has come into play for several reasons. The biggest reason is because people age. The same teenage girls who were getting their navels pierced in the nineties are now in their thirties and they have no desire to remove their belly button rings. At this point, the women are just used to having their navels pierced and see no reason to give it up just because they have hit the big 3-0.

Another reason why belly button rings are bridging the age gap has to do with how society is viewing ages. If forty is the new thirty, then thirty is the new twenty-one, and at twenty-one most women have no problem piercing their navel. In fact they are often just as proud to show them off as the teen, if not more proud. As women age they tend to get more confident in all aspects of their lives. Instead of having belly button rings because their friends have them, they have them because they like them.

One of the other big reasons why navel rings can be found on women in their thirties and forties has to do with the health craze that is still hitting the world. People care more about how they look and feel today than they did thirty years ago. This means people look just as good if not better at thirty then they did in their teens. So of course, they want the chance to show off their belly button rings, and look and feel younger.

All of these reasons combined with the natural confidence that comes with age make for belly button rings no longer being just a "teen thing." Instead, they are now a beautiful thing at any age