Modernise Your Fitted Wardrobes

Everyone needs space to store clothes and essentials; their best companion would be a fitted wardrobe.

When building a new home or enhancing your storage options, Fitted Wardrobes could be your ideal choice. An outdated wardrobe could make your space look less attractive. What makes the wardrobes special is their planning, design and accessories. Here we are listing some ways to modernise your fitted wardrobes in London.

Tips For Creating Modernistic Wardrobes

When it comes to wardrobes, in modern times, you will never be short of options. The needs of each individual are contrasting as some lean toward an absolute minimum and simplistic one. In contrast, others need to have substantial luxurious bespoke fitted wardrobes. Let’s look at some factors you can add to fitted wardrobes in London to give them a contemporary feel.

Hinged Door Wooden Wardrobe With Dressing Set

Add A Mirror To The Wardrobe

For wardrobes in bedrooms, mirrors bring an added advantage. Whether you go for sliding, hinged, wooden or loft wardrobes in your bedroom spaces, mirrors could add aesthetics to the room. The fitted mirrored wardrobe works exceptionally well in small or cramped rooms, as they reflect the light and are pretty minimal in design, so they can open up the room seamlessly.

Hidden Storage

If you want hidden wardrobe storage to keep your essentials, you can have that inside the wardrobe storage. The storage can be created, so it may be difficult for an outsider to find the respective storage. The storage will help you to keep files or ornaments safe.

Go For Ceiling Cabinets

Usually, spaces in the ceiling get wasted, as they are not used properly. However, you can go on creating a ceiling cabinet in your wardrobe, which can act as an extra storage option inside your bedrooms or other spaces. These cabinets are ideal for keeping extra blankets, empty boxes, and hardly-used accessories, which generally could take over other helpful space.

Choose Internal Accessories Wisely

You can have better internal accessories inside the wardrobe storage, including hanging rails, tie rack, fancy shelves and much more to have better storage. As a result, you can keep your essentials organised and provide a better look inside.

Wardrobe Internal Storage With Vertical Hanging in Grey Textile Finish

Keep An Eye On Lighting Features

A brilliant lighting setup can transform the way every wardrobe looks. There are endless options from spotlights, ceiling lights, drawer lights, LED strip lights and many more options from which you can choose the ideal one.

Modernistic wardrobes can transform the mood of a room or entire house, creating a homely and welcoming feel. For those who are thinking of creating a personalised & aesthetically pleasing contemporary wardrobe design, we are here to help you. Our trademark built-in wardrobe storage systems are built to adapt according to your lifestyle.