Mahindra Supro Maxitruck - A Beast of Beasts

features and specifications of the Mahindra Supro Maxitruck

This Super Maxitruck is packed with cutting-edge technology and produced by the Mahindra house, a well-known commercial vehicle manufacturer in the market, making it a strong challenger in the pickup truck category. Let's take a brief look at the features and specifications of the Mahindra Supro Maxitruck.


Mahindra Supro Maxitruck Engine Performance


The Mahindra Supro Maxitruck's 909 CC Direct Injection diesel engine features a 5-speed transmission and a single plate dry friction DIA clutch type that delivers excellent performance.


This minitruck can produce a maximum of 47 HP at 3,750 rpm and a maximum of 100 Nm between 1,600 and 3,000 rpm. The top speed of the Mahindra Supro Maxitruck is 80 km/h. 


In addition, this minitruck is equipped with a class-leading 8front leaf spring rigid suspension that helps you lift the heaviest loads with ease, making the drive absolutely smooth, comfortable and fatigue-free.


The maximum payload carrying capacity of the Mahindra Supro Maxitruck is 1,050 kg. Mahindra Supro Maxitruck provides an average mileage of 21.2 KMPL.

Mahindra Supro Maxitruck Dimensions


The Mahindra Supro Maxitruck is 2,500 millimetres in length, 1,540 millimetres in width, and 330 millimetres in height. Depending on the variants, this minitruck's Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) ranges from 2,065 kg to 2,090 kg.

Mahindra Supro Maxitruck Price Range


This power-packed Mahindra Supro Maxitruck starts at a very reasonable price range of Rs. 5.72  Lakh and goes up to Rs. 6.43 Lakh in the Indian market.