Straw Reaper Machine in India - Features, Uses, and Types

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In the Age of advanced Agriculture Farming, you know how it made the revolution in the Age with its equipment and advanced technologies. And Straw Reaper is one of the top equipment in this. Straw Reaper is the finest chopper machine that cuts, Threshes & cleans the straw in one operation. It helps the farmer quickly chop straws with minimum labour, time, and effort. Currently, there are many straw reapers with various efficiencies and specifications in the market, giving you multiple options.


Features of Straw Reaper


  • Heavy-duty gearbox
  • 288 blades in the thresher drum
  • Unique hand lever for stone trap and adjustment
  • Capacity – 1-2 acres per hour
  • Grain tank capacity of 40-50 Kgs, collected from the residue


Top 4 Straw Reaper Machine Brand In India


Below you get India’s Famous straw reaper Machine Brand and its Specification.


Sonalika Straw Reaper


Product Features:


  • Height With Straw Pipe 2095 mm
  • Cutter Bar width 2050 mm
  • Cutting Capacity 1 to 2 Acres/Hr


Dasmesh 517 Straw Reaper


Product Features:


  • Model 517
  • Required Power 45 Hp & Above
  • The width of the Cutter Bar is 7 Feet (2134 mm )
  • The Total Weight is 1800 Kg
  • Cutting Capacity 1 to 2 Acres/Hr



Mahindra Straw Reaper


Product Features:


  • Model Type 57 And Type 61
  • Cutter Bar Reel Length - 2057.4 mm, 2209 mm
  • Weight - 1800 Kg, 1870 Kg
  • Cutting Capacity - 2700 kg/hr, 2900 kg/hr
  • Threshing Blades - 288, 320



Bakhsish Straw Reaper


Product Features:


  • Required Power 35 Hp & Above
  • Weight 1900 Kg
  • Cutting Capacity 2 Acres/Hr


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