Make use of these innovative strategies next time the urge to join OSRS lures you to an arena for dueling.

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I could have switched my attack style.

Do you know what the worst thing in all of Old School Runescape is?

You're not dying to Jad three times back to  OSRS gold  back. There's no getting smashed by your Armadyl Godsword. It's not even falling for the obvious but tempting double-up scams.

It's staking your entire bank at the duel arena and losing it all!

Nightmares that even keep King Roald up at night. I was one of them! I got greedy , and I paid the ultimate mountain troll price. Here's how it all went down...

I stumbled across the arena of duel last week with high expectations of increasing my collection of OSRS gold. It was a surprise to me that what would happen to my Runescape duel arena staking adventure to unfold in this manner.

I wanted a new sharp pair of claws red dragons to use for Pking. Therefore, naturally, I entered World 2 with my whole cash pile (35M) and pursued my next victim like the rough bounty hunter.

Remember, I could've picked anyone. I knew their weapons. The amount they staked. I even saw their fighting data. However, one particular offer attracted my attention within the yellow sea of OSRS boxing, whipping, and dds spam.

"Whip 1-50M"

"That's my goal." I told myself.

With two additional osrs attacking, strength and defense levels, the odds were evermore favorable to me. With confidence, I fought the guy and put my 35M in the ground. We came to an agreement and in a short time my tentacle whip was in place and ready to go for zulrah with the word FIGHT!

I delt 21. Took 15. Smacked 18. Received 9. The moment I received it, the adrenaline of lava flooded my veins. The only thing I could picture were my brand new claws, slicing novices into cubes.

He was nearly red-bared when the most horrible thing that could have transpired occurred.

My tentacle drained its the charge, and swallowed my whip more quickly than Thurgo and hot redberry pie. #Noobmove

In the blink of an eye, my lead fell as his osrs whip laid a beatdown on my body that was not armored.

20. 9. 23. Oh dear, you are dead...

I'm not going to lie, but it was by far the fastest roll of 35 million that I have ever seen go between my hands. Afterward , I began to think beyond being an absolute novice what could I do to increase my odds of winning at each stake? Because, after all, an angle of leverage must exist at some point, wouldn't you think?

And my fellow Runescape avid gamers, your prayers toward Guthix have been granted! The only thing is that it's not an in-depth how to one tick osrs guide or osrs the tick manipulation blueprint. But this version...

Here are three legit ways that you can earn more OSRS stakes and increase your profits.

1. PID (Player ID) How Low Can You Go?

As you are aware, PID is the OSRS Priority System. You will receive a unique number in accordance with your IP address at the time you first log in and it changes each 100-150 game minutes (60-90 moments). Players with the lower ID are given priority over the others when clicking at the same.

Imagine you just began the duel. You and your opponent hastily use clicks to hit. Even when you and your foe are both attacking at the same time it is possible that a hit splat from one of you will appear prior to the others and thus determine they have the lower PID.

How to Discover Your PID

You may be thinking "how could you use PID to generate billions grams of gp? It's constantly changing".

You're right. PID isn't some revolutionary technique or a novel casting method inside the Ancient Spellbook. The system won't generate millions of dollars automatically. However, that additional hit you receive, such as the case is, will determine the fate of your savings.

Do you want to know a lesser-known trick to find out if the PID of yours is less than your competition's?

It starts with an easy "follow me". As a bounty hunter, zero in on your next victim to stake and follow them. You can ask them to click one area ahead of themselves (be inconspicuous).

Now that you're following then, search for:

Mirrored Speed - When you move in the same direction as your peers, you'll have better PID

Delayed Speed - If you stand still for about a minute before moving more slowly, they'll have higher PID

Keep this nugget of knowledge in your osrs puzzle box or in the osrs jewelry boxes. As you could use it for gaining an advantage and not lose nearly as often. Be sure to choose your opponent with care...

2. Attack Style - Adapt the Odds Ever in Your Favor

Make sure you check it out, your whip is equipped with 3 distinct attacks.

Each style improves combat or combination abilities. Did you know that every attack style slightly boosts your damage, accuracy as well as defense? I would like to know (yes I'm still bitter about the loss of 35M!) Theoatrix OSRS does a fantastic job of explaining percentages and how each style benefits you. Like this:

Flick: +3 attack for greater accuracy. When your osrs whip sets to flick you have an 50.90 percentage chance of hitting your opponent with lash or deflect.

Lash Strength: +1 attack, strength defense, balance. Lash's only attack style that grants you a power bonus. If you use lash, there's a 50.45% chance to slap your opponent silly.

Deflect: +3 defense helps prevent damage. Deflect sponges incoming hits. When using deflect to stake out in Runescapes duels arena your chances to hit accurately falls to 49.55%.

Now you know the percentages for different attack styles. You'll need to apply this wisdom in your favor. But how do you go about doing that?

Every time your player goes for a strike, click and flick. Remember, +3 accuracy. The moment you feel your hit is splat, or you see the experience drop, switch to deflect. When your foe goes to swing, as long as deflect is chosen, you get a +3 defensive boost.

Pretty helpful for little to no effort, wouldn't you agree?

It's the best thing about it. Osrs staking method isn't just for whip fights. This tip can be used in Osrs fights and dds shows as well as boxing match.

3. Martingale System: Take Your Bank, and Still Earn

Have you ever been in the lobby of a duel arena broken, angry, and maybe a bit regretful? I certainly have...

When it concerns OSRS duel arena stakes, you're never completely certain of the result. You could walk out with heaps of gold or lose it all in one powerful swoop!

That's why it's important to be wise as the old man. There's a great financial safety net for you to pull out at any time. It's called The Martingale System and here's what you should know:

What exactly is exactly the Martingale System?

Used by pro gamblers, experts in the field, Martingale System is a strategic approach that helps you safely place bets on your GP. The basic idea is that you increase your bet for every loss, allowing you to break the even mark or gain. With even odds and weapons, you're more likely to win as many stakes you lose.

How can You use this System?

If you follow this strategy you will need to stake 1M of gold every duel. Imagine you have 50M stakes with a the baseline stake of 1M. Now every time that you win a duel the stake you take next increases by. So 1 loss = 1M stake. 2 losses = 2M stake. 3 losses = 4M stake. 4 . Losses = stake of 8M the list goes on.

Since stakes are an equal chance of winning and you'll ultimately win. Because you've kept doubling over your losses, you'll almost get your whole 50M back when you get it. Once your losing streak has is over, go back to 1M stakes at the base until you're lost again.

Theoretically, you won't "lose" when you employ this strategy. You'll be able to recover your original amount (assuming you don't lose too many fights in a row.) When you apply the Martingale method solely to OSRS Staking, the profits could become limitless.


It's done. You now know 3 exclusive strategies to increase your odds of winning the stakes of Osrs without getting swept away as. If you're looking for a cutting-edge edge, that's brimming with the powerful method that gambling tycoons in the real world utilize, these methods might be the best option for you. Because you'll never learn until you've tried this, will you?

Make use of these innovative strategies next time the urge to join OSRS lures you to an arena for dueling. Explore. Test them. It's not always about the numbers however, it's more about what you've learned about it and how you apply it.

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P.S.S - Be sure to charge the tentacle whip!


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